Compare Your IT Costs
to Industry Peers

Compare Your IT Costs to those of Industry Peers in Order to Demonstrate Efficiency and Identify Areas for Improvement

Apptio IT Benchmarking is a SaaS application that extends Apptio Cost Transparency with side-by-side benchmarks. Leverage our standard industry cost and KPI model to make apples-to-apples comparisons of your monthly actual costs against a database of current, detailed, and actionable benchmarks from relevant peer organizations.

Compare IT Tower costs against peers

Compare IT sub-tower costs against peers

How Do You Stack Up?

Know and Share How You Compare to Peers
  • Identify targets for IT cost optimization
  • Pinpoint and initiate IT performance improvements
  • Demonstrate efficiency and justify IT spend

Benchmarks You Can Trust

Leading Global IT Benchmarking Database Spanning 23 Industries
  • Peer costs calculated via consistent cost structure
  • Based on real customer engagements
  • Apptio's independence avoids conflicts of interest


IT Benchmarking: Infrastructure Benchmarks

Compare Your IT Costs Against Industry Peers


Monthly calculation of IT costs within Apptio Cost Transparency

Ongoing comparison of IT costs against peer benchmarks

Extend Apptio Cost Transparency with Peer Benchmarks

Compare Peer Benchmarks Side-by-Side with IT Cost Analytics
  • Pre-defined reports to get going in weeks, not months
  • Benchmark data displayed next to actual costs
  • Cost and benchmark data aligned via ATUM™ standard
  • Minimize organization impact to collect required data

Measure Progress Often & Make Faster Course Corrections

Monthly Comparisons of Actual Costs Against Peer Benchmarks to Enable Rapid Adjustment
  • Costs compared monthly against annual benchmarks
  • Quickly see decision impact on your position vs. peers
  • No waiting 12-36 months for next benchmark process

Continuously Improve Your Cost Calculation Approach

Superior to Legacy Benchmarking that Only Updates Costing Every 12-36 Months
  • Evolve your costing monthly via Apptio Cost Transparency
  • Iteratively improve data quality and completeness
  • Transition from assumptive to data-driven allocations