IT Benchmarking and IT Spend Assessment

Compare Your Performance to Industry Peers

Your corporate financial performance is evaluated against your competition. These comparisons help executives understand where to make adjustments, drive better performance, and improve enterprise value. Shouldn’t you do the same?


Apptio IT Benchmarking automates comparisons against industry peers based on data collected from over 3,400 companies across 28 industries around the globe.

IT Benchmarking Benefits

Rapidly assess and validate your annual IT spending

Quickly compare your spending, volumes, and labor against your industry peers using Apptio’s patent-pending approach for breaking down your costs based on your corporate and IT organizational profile.

Benchmark and compare your infrastructure at any time throughout the year

Take a systematic approach to benchmarking your infrastructure costs, key ratios and other metrics throughout the year – for less than the cost of many point-in-time benchmarking projects.

"We actually benchmark ourselves against some of the other solutions that are now available in the cloud. And actually, we weren’t as competitive as we thought we would be. But because we actually had the Bill of Materials, we saw exactly where the lack of competition was coming from…it was actually in storage. We were essentially providing too high of a storage solution in most cases."

Sean Worthington
VP Information Technology

Why Apptio Is the Leading Provider of IT Benchmarking Software

Trust through Independence

Apptio is independent of your other technology investments. Our goal is to enable better decisions, not to sell you on cloud, infrastructure management software or servers. As a result, our benchmark data is more credible.

The Most Up-to-Date Metrics

Unlike some vendors who update their benchmark data every 18 months, Apptio’s benchmark data is sourced from leading providers, augmented with Apptio customer insights, and updated every 12 months.

Industry-Validated Taxonomy for Apples-to-Apples Comparison

Since Apptio sources benchmarking data from multiple leading providers and augments it with insights from its customer base of more than 150 enterprises, Apptio built a standard taxonomy of IT towers and services, along with cost allocation models, to enable consistent comparisons. This means Apptio customers can make more meaningful comparisons against the most comprehensive set of benchmarking data available.

More Complete Coverage

Apptio’s IT tower taxonomy and benchmarking data set comprises 35 domains (sub-towers), providing the greatest coverage and granularity of any IT benchmarking software provider.

Proven Leadership

Deployed by more than 150 medium to large enterprises in every industry and around the world, Apptio is built to scale and we have the know-how to make you successful.

Get Started Today

Customers normally start with an annual review of their costs using Apptio IT Spend Assessment. The assessment takes just a few hours of your time, not the weeks or months required for many benchmarking projects.

Customers using Apptio Cost Transparency for Spend Management can rapidly perform a detailed assessment of their IT towers by adding Apptio Infrastructure Benchmarks. These work together using a common, TBM Council-approved tower taxonomy that spans applications, compute, storage, data center, data and voice networks, delivery services, IT management, IT operations, security and compliance and more.