Bill of IT for IT Chargeback and Showback

Communicate consumption and cost of IT services and resources to your business partners. Automate billing that is fair, transparent and easy-to-understand. Empower your business partners to be better consumers of IT by giving them choices that help reduce costs.


Shape Business Demand with Interactive Transparency into Cost, Consumption and Choice

Cloud computing and consumerization have altered your business partners' expectations for cost transparency. Business leaders are increasingly dissatisfied with fixed allocations of IT costs—they want to see how consumption drives costs and understand their choices, all within a context of where technology aligns to their business needs.

Apptio Bill of IT helps you communicate value while shaping business demand by demonstrating how technology is consumed by business units and users and where it supports your business capabilities. With Apptio, you can deliver an automated monthly report to your business partners showing how much of each technology service they consumed and at what cost. You can also show the benefit of choosing alternative services, helping business partners make informed cost-performance decisions.

Whether you are just beginning your journey to show back fully-burdened costs to the business, or looking to improve an existing chargeback process, Apptio Bill of IT can help you improve the defensibility, efficiency and velocity of your external transparency initiative.

Capabilities and Benefits

  • Better communicate the value of IT by showing how IT resource, application and service costs roll up to your business units and business capabilities.
  • Collaborate on more strategic use of technology by exposing business-controlled levers through what-if scenario modeling of service levels and quantities.
  • Help your business partners make better choices by giving them reports that clarify the impact of their decisions on the true cost of IT.
  • Gain better visibility into consumption by your business partners by giving your service and resource owners monthly reports.
  • Create fair, easy-to-understand and accurate cost reports based on combinations of actual or planned consumption, revenue, headcount and fixed allocation methods.
  • Make any formal chargebacks more effective with cost recovery analysis and flexible modeling to assess different rate structures and allocation methods.
  • Automate chargeback reconciliation by generating the appropriate entries for your general ledger to transfer costs between business units.

Why Apptio?

Apptio Bill of IT is the leading IT billing software because it gives you advantages that other approaches cannot:

Enterprise-Class Solution

Unlike spreadsheets, Apptio Bill of IT provides the enterprise scale needed to combine drillable depth with a broad range of decision-relevant perspectives (e.g., infrastructure resources, applications, services, vendors, and business units).

Proven Leadership

Apptio has been deployed by leading companies in every industry and on every continent, from medium-sized businesses to global enterprises. Not only is Apptio built to scale, we have the know-how to make you successful.

Flexible Business Allocations

Apptio's flexible visual models help you quickly author or change allocation rules. Allocate based on actual consumption, planned consumption, headcount, licensed users, revenues or a variety of factors, depending on what is being allocated.

Complete Coverage

Unlike many point solutions, Apptio Bill of IT can provide transparency into all of your consumption and costs, from your cloud compute infrastructure to your desktops, applications, projects and business services—including technology and services sourced externally for your business partners.

Built for Imperfect Data

Unlike many repurposed technologies that require perfect data, Apptio Bill of IT was built to consume and improve raw, imperfect data.

Get Started Quickly

If you do not already provide a bill of IT, you may be struggling to understand where to start. Apptio can help you get started today.

"As we evaluate our relationship with Apptio and how they have performed for us during the implementation of both the [IT] Service Costing and the Bill of IT modules, I've been very pleased with how they've gone out of their way to make sure the implementations were successful..."

Dan Cavey
SVP Financial Transparency Executive
Bank of America