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Problems & Risks

It’s impossible to constantly oversee all problems, risks, and opportunities associated with your domain of work. That’s why Targetprocess does it for you. Customize your criterion for what constitutes risk, and get automatic notifications from the system about things you need to know.

Identify Risk - Problems & Risks - Apptio

Risk Management

Compare original plans against actual work and visualize any disparity. Use our risk management solution to always be aware of all potential risks and opportunities.

Identify Reports - Problems & Risks - Apptio

Building Reports

Identify conflicts with resource allocations across different teams and projects. Build custom reports and dashboards to get an idea of your current state.

Identify Alerts - Problems & Risks - Apptio

Early Alerts

Plan for success, but prepare for failure. Targetprocess can help you to recognize failures faster, so you waste less resources on less-than-optimal work.

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