Requests Management

Get the most of integrating requests coming from various stakeholders, categorize them, mark dependencies, define deliverables and check the progress on all steps of the process. In  Apptio Targetprocess you can gain more visibility into the volume of requests and manage the entire value stream from incoming requests to their delivery.

Organize your communication with stakeholders

Don’t be overwhelmed by the amount of emails coming from various places. Create a request in Targetprocess automatically from an incoming email that you receive from clients and other departments of your organisation. Reply using comments so you won’t lose any communication thread.

Requests Management

Manage requests

A request might be a whole project proposal, an idea for your products, or a minor change in a solution. Accumulate all requests across various projects at one board, approve or reject them, and then set up your custom workflow. Visualize on cards any information that you decide is important: type of requests, the way you receive them (email, phone, externally or internally), requesters or any other custom property.

Even with many requests in your backlog you can still stay focused and make prioritization easier by categorizing and ranking requests in each category. Define what requests have high value for the business and what can be done later.

Define deliverables and follow the progress

Define deliverables associated with an original request and track following work execution. Each request can have multiple deliverables of different types, and any deliverable can be tied to any number of incoming requests. See status and time spent information of all related deliverables to know the progress of execution.

Monitor measures

See accumulated statistics about receiving requests, trends in the amount of time you spent to close them and multiple measures of performance to take further actions.

Request a demo and see how Apptio Targetprocess can help you accurately plan, track, and forecast investments for agile or hybrid delivery.

Handle requests at the Help Desk Portal

Help Desk Portal is a free open source product, developed by Targetprocess. It allows your customers to submit their issues, ideas or questions. Keep it private and update your customers about the progress of their tickets, or make it public to gather votes for ideas and improvements for your products.

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