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Manage cost.
Communicate IT value.



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Optimize costs

Make informed decisions from a single system of record.


Communicate value

Demonstrate IT value with terms the business understands.


Shift run-to-change

Optimize RTB spend to fund future digital business innovation.


“I could see we’d need better insight into the cost of all the things we were doing in order to really leverage acquisitions and grow this business. I couldn’t chase people at the end of every month to make sure that the numbers fit. The transparency we’ve put in place with Apptio allows me and the CFO to have a lot more confidence in the numbers.”

—Ed Smith, CTO, Cox Automotive

 See the Cox Enterprises story


Business units
Proactively manage IT spend to budget
Eliminate overspend surprises and underspend clawbacks
  • Manage variance in the context of major areas of IT spend like software, hardware, and internal/external labor.
  • Identify spending trends and the specific line items and cost center owners that are driving variances.
  • Monitor OpEx and CapEx variance and your mix of fixed versus variable costs.
Make informed staffing decisions
Avoid headcount allocations that don't make sense
  • Manage hiring of internal and external labor against plan.
  • Understand and compare average monthly cost of staff across geographies and role types.
  • Identify outliers to responsibly shift internal/external labor mix or change hiring plans.
Understand infrastructure costs and trends
Reduce waste from overpurchase and underuse
  • See what’s driving infrastructure costs across network, compute, storage, and data center assets.
  • Monitor how much infrastructure cost goes to supporting applications.
  • Understand how infrastructure costs break down across internal and external labor, software, hardware, and facility/power costs.
Prioritize public cloud decisions
Reign in unchecked sprawl and runaway costs
  • View all your public cloud costs across providers like AWS and Azure—in one place.
  • Monitor public cloud spend and trends by service type, such as compute, storage, network, and more.
  • Know which departments are consuming cloud services to proactively manage spend.
Align project resources to business priorities
Stop basing project investment decisions on guesswork
  • Provide trade-offs to the business to better align project and application investments to business initiatives.
  • In business terms, explain where project costs are going across each BU.
  • Quantify how much IT spend is going toward run costs versus growth investments and projects.
Manage the application portfolio for business value
Retire high-cost/low-value apps and repurpose savings
  • Quantify the business value your applications deliver by tying cost to business drivers (e.g. cost per web visitor, order, etc.).
  • Know the cost of your top 20 applications and how they break down across run versus dev, infrastructure, and projects.
  • Show how BUs are consuming each application, along with the associated costs.
Drive shared accountability of IT costs with the business
Prevent the business from consuming IT like it’s free
  • In business language, explain what each BU is getting for its IT dollars and what they can do to impact bottom line costs.
  • Align IT projects and investments to business initiatives and sponsors.
  • Identify cost outliers by benchmarking IT spend per employee across BUs.


Communicate and manage IT value in a context that business partners can understand.

Apptio Cost Transparency is made for you

Office of the CIO

Shift spend from run-the-business to innovation, CapEx to OpEx, and fixed to variable.

Shape demand from business partners so they become better consumers of IT.

Replace emotion with facts to drive more value-based conversations with the business.

IT Finance

Expose cost drivers and levers, so IT and BUs understand where they can impact costs.

Improve IT and BU accountability by
establishing baselines and tracking benefits.

Reduce cycle times through integrated,
simplified, and automated processes.

Infrastructure & Operations

Provide a clear view of cost-for-
performance to drive trade-offs.

Improve and demonstrate infrastructure
efficiency and competitiveness.

Reduce technical debt and cost-
justify infrastructure investments.

6 best practices for
communicating the
business value of IT

Shift 3-5% from run to grow
Break even in 8 months
Realize 10X ROI over 3 years

Striking gold: how to get
useful and valuable
insights from your IT cost data

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