Is Your IT Operating Model Obsolete?

Every competitive enterprise on the planet must grow revenue, increase profitability, and improve customer experience. To do these things, modern firms are becoming digital enterprises.

All companies, regardless of industry, are becoming technology companies that create new revenue streams and disrupt old ones. Corporate boards along with CEOs, CFOs, and their C-suite partners all recognize they cannot afford to ignore this new digital reality.  Today’s digital enterprise embraces a new IT operating model that includes cloud services, and Agile product-driven development.
The new IT operating model shifts the role of IT from a provider of services to a creator of business value and exposes actionable levers to change the business. There is no place for a centralized gatekeeper that bottlenecks innovation and inhibits business agility with bloated application portfolios.

Attributes of the New IT Operating Model

Transform your operating model by adopting lean portfolio management principles, continuously optimizing applications and services, and reinvesting in the capabilities your business needs most.

Identifying those needs starts with having frequent conversations with business partners, seeing a single source of truth for operational and financial data in real-time, and working with IT Finance to make data-driven decisions that shift investments to meet business demand.

To adopt today's new IT operating model, you must:

  • Know how everything you do supports the company’s corporate strategy, business objectives, and financial outcomes.
  • Improve the agility of your organization and speed-to-market of your business.
  • Shift your team’s focus from infrastructure to business innovation.
  • Fund, acquire and govern innovation from a broad range of sources—both internal and external.
  • Constantly manage the cost and value of your technology investments, whether traditional IT resources, labor and projects, or new paradigms like cloud and Agile.
  • Continuously optimize across your portfolios—both running- and changing-the-business.
  • Partner with your business stakeholders instead of serving as an order-taker.
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A new way of managing in today's digital enterprise

Developed by the Technology Business Management Council, a community of thousands of CIOs, CTOs, CFOs, and their key leaders, Technology Business Management (TBM) defines the tools, processes, data, and people needed to manage the business of technology.

The TBM discipline consists of the following six business-centered capabilities for managing the digital enterprise:
TBM Framework

  • Financial Management: Plan, analyze, and optimize technology spending on a more continuous basis across all IT resources including labor, vendor, hardware, software, and cloud services investments.
  • Cloud and Hybrid: Optimize all technology resources as you shift from traditional infrastructures to multi-cloud services.
  • Vendors & Suppliers: Manage and monitor spend and performance across your vendors through a single source of truth, with insights garnered from contract terms and committed spend.
  • Apps and Services: Continuously rationalize your application and service portfolios by tracking costs and consumption throughout their lifecycle, reducing waste from duplication to fund new sources of innovation.
  • Agile & Projects: Monitor the time and money invested in your projects, services, and products and plan for new capabilities using a lifecycle perspective.
  • Business Value Realization: Influence business behavior through showback (a bill of IT) that connects the business value of technology with its business costs.

These capabilities depend upon standard models, software-driven automation and integrated data, all of which are part of the TBM SaaS solutions offered by Apptio, founder and technical advisor of the TBM Council.

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