Expanded Features for Apptio Agile Investment Management

In January of this year, Apptio launched Agile Investment Management, a new offering that enables organization wide planning for Agile development teams. Over the past six months, Apptio has made bi-monthly updates, bringing new functionality and the flexibility to model your specific organization to help align Agile development teams with strategic business goals. On June 17, 2020, Apptio Agile Investment Management’s 2.73 release continues the recent run of adding more robust functionality to the Roadmap page and resource allocation functionality.

Our users have asked for a way to organize roadmap items by native and custom categories to create the visibility roadmap planners need to quickly plan and prioritize work to maximize new business value. With this release, users are now able to group work items directly on the Roadmap page to better manage your backlog and release trains.

Shown below, a dropdown now appears in the upper right corner of the Roadmap page. From this dropdown, users can select any category that your features are grouped by: investment, product, custom fields, etc.

Group features on roadmap
Group features on roadmap

The Roadmap page now also displays costs for planned activity and resource costs in a tool tip at the top right corner of each release-train program increment. These costs dynamically update as features and resources are added or removed from a given release-train. This enables users to better understand the costs associated with resource allocation and roadmap mix decisions. Shown below, an example of what it looks like when hovering over the cost displays tool tip.

Resource costs on roadmap
Resource costs on roadmap

Finally, we have given admins the ability to insert their company’s calendar into Agile Investment Management. Shown below, there is a new page under config called “global calendar.” This page allows users to define which days of the week and how many hours per day labor resources work and of those days, which are designated company non-working days. The configuration you define here impacts labor resource costs and allocation across the Apptio system.

Global calendar
Global calendar

To learn more, read about Agile Investment Management or request a demo.


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