Bringing Future Forward: TBM Council Online

TBM Council Online is a community for Technology Business Management (TBM) adopters and thought leaders, from IT executives to finance leaders and TBM professionals to solution partners. It was founded in 2014 as a way for members to help one another adopt and scale their TBM implementation. And now, it’s gotten even better!

We’re happy to announce that we have relaunched TBM Council Online on Higher Logic, a SaaS-based online community solution that provides so much more functionality and scalability than our previous provider.

The impetus for a new TBM Council Online

Members had been reaching out to us for some time with suggestions for improving navigation, search, and other functionality of our previous platform. Unfortunately, the improvements weren’t possible with that platform. So, when we realized our contract was up for renewal, we decided to take a look at other platform providers to see how they stacked up. To make sure we were getting a platform that would make our members happy, we hosted a survey (here are the results).

One of the things that really impressed us during our demos with Higher Logic was the search functionality and the ability to serve up the right content to our members. The community now has more intuitive navigation and content organization.

In addition to the features you would expect from an online community (peer-to-peer connections, access to experts, education opportunities, members-only events, and a place to share and store content), our community on Higher Logic will allow us to create topic-specific communities. We’ve started a few communities already, more to come:

  • Adoption community – for anyone looking to start their TBM journey or looking to support others in their journey.
  • TBMC20 community – for those looking to have one-on-one discussions related to During the conference this community will be engaged with content, questions, reminders, and more. After the conference, the materials and presentations will be housed in the community and further discussions can take place there. Register for the TBM Conference (TBMC20) and then join this community to stay in touch.
  • TBM Executive Foundation Certification – curious about becoming a CTBME? This community is designed to answer all your questions and get you prepared for certification.

We’re also going to kick off a mentorship program – something our members routinely ask for but is only now possible with Higher Logic’s functionality.

Planning for future success

To ensure that we are providing the community that you need, we’ll send out a survey one week and one month after launch. Be sure to give us your honest feedback. We’ll also watch a couple of key metrics to help us see progress: most liked content, community with the most engagement, new members added/lost, new member participation, etc.

TBM has become a critical discipline for modern business technology leaders because it correlates data from finance, IT operations, and the lines of business to provide IT cost transparency. It reveals facts about the cost, consumption, and quality that IT delivers. Taking steps toward TBM adoption and becoming a TBM subject matter expert within your organization is easier when you have the right tools at your fingertips. TBM Council Online provides an opportunity to connect, collaborate, and strategize with other IT and finance leaders.

Check out the new TBM Council Online and share your feedback with us.

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