Apptio Introduces Cloudability Shift, a Modern Cloud Migration Planning Solution

With this new addition to Cloudability’s market leading product portfolio, Apptio extends cloud financial management capabilities to help organizations migrate confidently to the public cloud.

Migrate confidently to the public cloud

Whether modernizing disaster recovery, shifting to digital business models, or enabling employees to work remotely, IT leaders are turning to the public cloud for increased agility, reduced costs, and improved time to value. Migrating to the cloud can be transformative, but it is not without risk – cost overrun, operational disruption and delicate timelines can easily impede migration efforts.

Successful cloud migrations require organizations to adopt a “cloud-smart” mindset, determining when to migrate workloads by prioritizing those that maximize organizational benefit while minimizing effort and cost. This begins with informed planning – building defensible plans that connect on-premises costs and forecasted public cloud costs. As migrations are executed, it is then critical to track realized costs relative to plan, dynamically adjusting your strategy along the way and easily evaluating the potential impact of changes to costs and timeline.

Introducing Cloudability Shift

Over 1,800 companies around the world trust Apptio to help them manage and optimize their IT and public cloud spend, connecting actionable insights to their technology investments to drive their business initiatives forward. Leveraging decades of experience and the guidance of our customers, Apptio is excited to announce general availability of Cloudability Shift, a solution designed to help organizations apply the same financial rigor to cloud migration strategies. With Cloudability Shift, organizations can efficiently measure and compare the cost and impact of tailored migration plans to inform decision making and lay the foundation for a successful move to the public cloud.


Analyze public cloud migration scenarios

Creating a migration strategy begins by understanding your total cost of ownership for on-prem resources and forecasted cloud costs. With Cloudability Shift, organizations can model and compare a variety of workload migration scenarios, balancing on-prem commitments, business objectives, and cost impact to develop a clear and defensible migration plan.

Plan (and continuously refine) your cloud migration strategy

Migrations rarely go as planned, but changes to your migration strategy do not need to result in a failed migration. Organizations can minimize risk and cost over-run by adapting their migration strategy as business objectives change. Cloudability Shift allows for organizations to re-plan as changes arise and adjust variables in real time, surfacing cost and schedule impact to ensure visibility into the impact of changes and allow your team to make informed decisions.

Track cloud migration costs and keep stakeholders informed

Effective tracking can provide key stakeholders clarity and confidence as an organization migrates to the cloud. Cloudability Shift gives your team visibility into cost drivers, letting them drill into areas of spend to help maximize the ROI of your migration strategy and detect variances as they arise for greater cost and operational efficiency. By combining the power of Cloudability Shift with Cloudability, Apptio’s market leading cloud cost management and optimization tool, organizations can easily track planned costs against cloud actuals throughout – and after – the move.

Getting started with Cloudability Shift

If you are embarking on a public cloud migration or trying to determine if it is the right next step for your organization, we are here to help. For more information, visit the Cloudability Shift product page or request a demo today.

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