Is Your IT Operating Model Obsolete?

The New IT Operating Model and How Cloud and Agile Impact Organizational Value

Every competitive enterprise on the planet must grow revenue, increase profitability, and improve customer experience. To do these things, modern firms are becoming digital enterprises. All companies, regardless of industry, are becoming technology companies that create new revenue streams and disrupt old ones. Corporate boards along with CEOs, CFOs, and their C-suite partners all recognize […]

Olga Nissen on Value Realization and Change Management for TBM

emerge Olga Nissen on value realization and change management for TBM

Olga Nissen joined Accenture in 1996 after graduating from Lomonosov Moscow State University in Russia. In 2000, she joined McKinsey’s Copenhagen office and became partner in 2010. In 2016, she re-joined Accenture as leader of Accenture Strategy Denmark. Olga has served clients across several industries and geographies on technology-enabled, strategic topics.  In this article, Olga […]

TBM Executive Strategy Forum, Frankfurt: Credit Suisse and Boehringer Ingelheim on Turning IT into Business Leaders

TBM Executive Strategy Forum, Frankfurt

Digital transformation is reshaping industries, and different sectors have their own paths and paces of change. However, there’s a common thread that runs across all industries: IT needs to become an enabler for corporate innovation and new business models. This was demonstrated by Boehringer Ingelheim and Credit Suisse, whose talks at the recent European TBM Strategy Forum in Frankfurt, […]

TBM: To Disrupt, or Be Disrupted?

Emerge article_TBM: To disrupt, or be disrupted?

Business disruption is the new normal. CEOs of well-established companies in matured markets (often known as incumbents) are facing a rapid loss of market share for their profitable product segments to challengers and are forced to contemplate: “Should I be a disruptor or be disrupted?” CEOs of incumbent companies are constantly wrestling with questions from […]

Hitting a TBM Triple for Better, More Innovative and Trusted IT

emerge Hitting a TBM triple for better

When CoBank’s IT organization adopted TBM and Apptio in third quarter 2017, they had three goals: run IT like a business, free up dollars for innovation, and become a trusted partner to the business. Just 10 months after becoming operational, they are well on their way to achieving all three. “As we embarked on our […]

From Reluctant to Loyal: Why Business Partners Embrace TBM-Driven IT

emerge From reluctant to loyal why business

In the past, if a company wanted to cut technology costs, they simply cut IT’s budget and said, “Make do.” But achieving enterprise IT ROI today is about a lot more than negotiating better prices, holding back on purchases, or laying off employees. It’s about a new way of thinking about technology that makes the […]

TBM Facilitates Asurion’s Move to Cloud, Unleashing Innovation

Woman's hands holding and interacting with a mobile device.

Even though public cloud turns 12 this year, many companies are still kicking the tires to see if it’s right for them. Not so with Asurion. After six years of steady adoption and putting in place solid governance processes, they went all in with a cloud-first approach 18 months ago. Now, almost all of their […]

TBM Funds Innovation at Sysco, Enables Move to 100% Agile and Devops Ecosystem

Sysco truck

Like most large enterprises today, Sysco’s product and service development teams are adopting Agile and DevOps to build innovative new products and services faster so they can roll them out in small, manageable chunks to end users on a continuous cycle. The benefit to end users is they get faster access to new products and […]

RCM + TBM Promote Fiscal Accountability in Education

RCM + TBM promote fiscal accountability in education

Bill Kasenchar, Director of the Technology and Business Management Office, has been in IT at UPenn for over 20 years, employing technology and standards to foster collaboration across a large, decentralized organization. Here Bill talks TBM, RCM, and how transparency creates opportunities to better manage spend. Responsibility Center Management (RCM) and technology business management (TBM) […]

What Could a Machine Learning Analysis of a Helpdesk Reveal?

What could a machine learning analysis of a helpdesk reveal?

Using artificial intelligence (AI)—and especially one example of AI: machine learning (ML)—is all the rage these days with enterprise IT. But could it also turn the reactive “have you tried restarting?” corporate helpdesk into a mechanism that could anticipate and predict technology problems before they’re readily apparent? Quite possibly. What brings this to mind is […]

Many CIOs are Ignoring Blockchain, but Why?

Many CIOs are ignoring blockchain

In a Gartner survey taken last year, only 1% of over 3,000 CIOs have any kind of blockchain adoption, reports the WSJ. Over a third say they have no interest in it. The rest are vacillating between planning for it or just having it on the radar. The question is, why the apathy? »Read the […]

How to Navigate Digital Transformation

How to navigate digital transformation

The rise of digital technologies has disrupted everything from the pace of innovation to the operating model, and CIOs have found themselves at the center of this transformation. As technology continues to permeate every area of the business, many organizations are embarking upon their own quest to innovate and invest in digital solutions. While this […]

VIDEO: RBS Drives Innovation With Existing IT Spend

emerge_RBS drives innovation

The Royal Bank of Scotland, a UK-based banking and financial services company, is reallocating their run-the-business budget to grow-the-business investments through increased transparency into IT spend and value. By understanding where they get the most value out of IT services, RBS is able to shift dollars toward innovation to meet growing consumer and market expectations […]

TBM-Powered IT Builds Trust in Digital Transformation Investments

Aircraft carrier in the ocean, with sepia colors.

Even though Newport News Shipbuilding is the only builder of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers for the US Navy, this does not mean the company can just sit back and wait for the next order. Like all industries, shipbuilders must innovate to keep their primary customer coming back. There are other shipyards, after all. And, if companies, […]

Strategies to Reduce Cost and Fund Digital Business Transformation

Strategies to reduce cost and fund digital business transformation

Digital business transformation is a top priority for many companies, but there’s a multi-billion dollar elephant in the boardroom that CIOs are often left to address: “how are we going to pay for this?” A CIO can consider several cost optimization strategies when looking to answer this question and fund its digital business transformation. The […]