KubeCon 2020 Recap: Cost Visibility and Optimization in Kubernetes

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As part of KubeCon 2020, the FinOps Foundation announced new members of the Technical Advisory Council, which included Eugene Khvostov, VP of product and engineering at Apptio, who was quoted in the announcement: Managing cloud costs and usage continues to be a top concern as cloud spending accelerates even faster than forecasted as a result […]

Pearson Controls Cloud Migration Costs With FinOps


Once dominated by textbooks and chalkboards, the modern learning experience has gone digital. That reality is especially apparent to Pearson Education, publisher of textbooks and e-textbooks and provider of online assessment tests. Pearson serves more than 75 million learners across more than 70 countries, and to serve them more efficiently, the company made a big […]

Where FinOps and TBM Intersect

Where FinOps and TBM Intersect

The cloud world of self-service procurement and highly variable consumption presents a new set of challenges for TBM’s promise of delivering value from, and properly allocating, IT expenditures. Cloud spending now accounts for a growing portion of IT spend. Yet with all this growth, the cloud operating model is still immature. A new operating model […]

How Your Cloud Migration Strategy Can Accelerate Hybrid Decisions

Organizing AWS Costs: Tags and Multiple Consolidated Billing Accounts

A cloud migration strategy must align to business and financial goals—migration is a business decision first, and a technical decision second. There are many migration options. The correct choice reflects the environment you are moving from and cloud solution you are moving too. Technical characteristics limit some migration options.  A legacy app with no cloud-aware […]

Optimizing Cloud Costs when Migrating Microsoft Workloads

Optimizing Cloud Costs when Migrating Microsoft Workloads

The business case for migrating Microsoft workloads to the cloud is undercut by indefensible migration costs. Build a business case, and measure success, with defensibility. Moving Microsoft workloads to Azure seems a like-for-like move. Sister companies should, theoretically at least, be a path of least resistance for cloud migration. But migration is simply a tactic—one […]

Ultimate Guide to Cloud Migration Strategy

The Ultimate Guide to Cloud Migration

What is Cloud Migration? Cloud migration leverages public cloud solutions to supplant or replace, existing on-premises IT resources. Though cloud migration initiatives often start with a like-for-like replacement of existing solutions, most organizations need a more sublime approach to cloud migration (e.g., accounting for existing on-premises fixed costs, legacy systems that are not cloud-native, and […]

The Essential Guide to Hybrid IT

The Essential Guide to Hybrid IT

What is hybrid IT? Hybrid IT appropriates the right mix of on-premises, public, and private cloud solutions for your needs. Hybrid IT isn’t a one-size-fits-all operating model—a specific blend of on-premises, private, and public cloud solutions that work for one organization is a poor fit for another. When you adopt hybrid IT, you must meet the challenge […]

Forecasting Your Cloud Migration Costs

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A cloud migration may seem like a daunting undertaking. But with the right information and expertise to back you up, you can plan for costs and have a clear forecast of what to expect. When an enterprise decides to migrate some or all of its workloads to the cloud, there is a planning process that […]

Is There a Single Cloud Deployment Strategy that Gives the Best ROI?

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Cloud platforms all have their own advantages, and the right cloud deployment strategy can meld those benefits into a unified platform. But IT may not be able to define which option is best for new deployments because, in many cases, the choice is not clear. It’s important to get a real analysis of usage and […]

CIOs Take Back the Driver’s Seat in Digital Transformation

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Henrik Nilsson has pioneered the Technology Business Management (TBM) category in Northern Europe and works with the TBM Council to fulfill its three mandates of education, collaboration, and certification. Here he addresses CIO discipline re: shadow SaaS, cloud strategy, and shared responsibility for IT spend. We are on our way into the fourth industrial revolution, where […]

Private and Public Sector IT Leaders: Manage Public Cloud with TBM

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Federal CIOs draw many parallels with private sector companies. Both are striving to keep customer and corporate data secure while improving top- and bottom-line performance. And for both, adoption of public cloud services is a top priority tempered by concerns about risk and cost. At the TBM Council’s recent Public Sector Summit in Washington DC, IT business […]

IT Isn’t Looking for an All or Nothing Approach to Cloud

Mike Kelly, CIO, Red Hat

I recently caught up with Mike Kelly, CIO to Red Hatters worldwide, while he was attending a conference in San Francisco. With 18 months under his belt at a company that is defining next-gen tech, Mike was ready to talk open source, hybrid cloud, and how CIOs finally have a chance to lead like never […]

As Cloud Evolves, Why Aren’t More Companies Migrating?

Aaron Rallo

How do you optimize a migration plan to ensure optimal cost savings in the cloud? And why aren’t more companies migrating? To address these questions, I’ve invited Aaron Rallo, CEO of TSO Logic, to share his perspective. TSO Logic offers an analytics platform that fast-tracks cloud planning and transformation. The platform has been used to […]

Best Practices to Help your Team Migrate to the Cloud

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If your IT organization thinks that migrating on-premises workloads to the cloud is just a lift-and-shift operation, they will be in for a surprise. What makes the cloud so appealing over on-premises is its ability to scale, provision resources on-demand and respond to changes in workload and utilization via its elastic capabilities. Getting there requires […]

Migrating? Optimizing? You Need a Cloud Strategy

Migrating? Optimizing? You Need a Cloud Strategy

Cloud continues to become easier to use, but controlling costs and usage can get complex. Here are two scenarios where a cloud migration strategy can boost business and financial agility at scale, no matter where your organization is in its cloud journey. After an exciting AWS re:Invent 2017 and with cloud growth continuing to boom, […]