The new boss

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With Apptio IT Planning

you are the new boss.


Don’t plan your IT budget in a vacuum. Apptio IT Planning lets CIOs, IT finance and budget owners collaboratively and efficiently align technology investments to business priorities. With streamlined plan accountability, visibility and agility, you’ll wrap that budget up in time for a team happy hour.


Who knows, maybe you’ll have time to start furnishing that new corner office.


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Every day, Apptio creates new bosses



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 Apptio is the leading provider of cloud-based Technology Business Management (TBM) software that helps CIOs manage the business of IT.


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Freddie Mac

Discover how Apptio helps IT leaders at Freddie Mac get on the same page about IT service costs.

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& Communicate IT Value


Efficiently & Accurately


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Take the business risk out of your everyday initiatives

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Analyze & Rationalize


Compare & Decide


Modernize & Optimize


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Customer Case Studies

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