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Austin, TX | October 24-27
Executive Strategy Forum | October 23-24

Highlights from
TBM Conference 2022

We were thrilled to be back in person in November 2022, celebrating the 10th annual TBM Conference in Austin, Texas! Check out the highlights from the event.

Recap Roundup

Learn more about the insights and innovations from the keynotes and breakouts.


TBMC 2022 Day 1: Winning the Digital Race With TBM

We kicked off the TBM Conference by looking at digital as a competitive edge and asking how organizations can prioritize innovation. Here’s what you missed.

TBMC 2022 Day 2: Lead With Certainty in Uncertain Times

Day two of the TBM Conference included a reveal of Apptio’s latest innovations and advice on extending accountability for cloud spend. Here’s what you missed.

TBMC 2022 Day 3: Every Dollar Invested in Technology Must Deliver Value

The last day of the conference looked at how winning teams use TBM to ensure no investment goes to waste. Here’s what you missed.

Our Latest News from TBM Conference 2022

Apptio Deepens Collaboration with AWS

Apptio Improves Cloud Spend Forecasting for Digital-First Businesses with New Planning Solution

Apptio Strengthens the Economic Resilience of its Customers with Launch of Business Agility Tools

Apptio’s TBM Conference Demonstrates How Companies Can Win the Digital Race as it Celebrates 10 Years in Austin, TX