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November 4 – 6, 2024

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Austin, TX | October 24-27, 2023

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Day 1: Fuel your future

Rev your TBM engines! We got off to the races on day 1 with awards, customer stories, product announcements, and lots of learnings and connections.

TBM is more important than ever, as Apptio CEO Sunny Gupta said, kicking off the day’s keynotes. It’s an exciting time to be focused on TBM, its evolving future, and the transformational power of translating tech investments to business value.

Apptio COO Ajay Patel discussed the foundational capabilities of TBM that provides a comprehensive framework and management practice for how to run a modern business. And what is the future of TBM?

  • Simplification of offerings to provide immediate value
  • Digital development, applying TBM financial discipline to Agile practices
  • Determining the business case for generative AI
  • Open ecosystems that increase TBM pervasiveness
  • Industry extensions of TBM for enterprise business management

Customers Wells Fargo, Alteryx, and Enbridge shared their stories of TBM transformation, and Apptio announced the launch of some new products and capabilities to better advance cloud and Agile financial management, including:

TBM Council award winners announced

Keynote: FinOps and TBM with J.R. Storment

J.R. Storment, founder of the FinOps Foundation, delivered a dynamic keynote portraying his vision of how FinOps fuels business innovation and interacts with TBM to drive standards and value across all your technology investments and resources.

FinOps is not a race and it’s not just about cost. It’s a continuous journey of behavioral change and focus on value.

J.R. StormentFounder, FinOps Foundation

Day 2: Journey to value

What a day at TBM Conference! Day 2’s focus was on the journey to value – how TBM and FinOps drive innovation, getting started on the journey, and making it to the next level. TBM is for everyone, as Apptio Chief Product Officer Eugene Khvostov noted, starting off the day’s keynote session. He discussed three primary components of ensuring success on the TBM journey.

  • Fast start. You need to get out of manual spreadsheets, but you need actionable insights fast. The new Apptio Cost Management provides a simplified way to master and manage tech costs. And Cloudability Financial Planning, just announced in GA, allows you take action on cloud planning beyond budgets and forecasts.
  • Master the course. Build on the foundations that you’ve set for broader integrations and actionable insights. Take the next step in your cloud journey with Cloudability Savings Automation, autopilot for your commitment-based portfolio. New Cloudability and ApptioOne enhancements also help move you towards the finish line.
  • Win the race. The journey isn’t over – you just get better at running. Apptio’s new Labor Financial Management solution helps you forecast the financial impact of labor. The combination or work data, task data, and financial data unlocks amazing insights.

The hottest topic around also came to town: generative AI. Jeremy Ung, Apptio’s Chief Technology Officer, discussed the imperative to build the business case for generative AI as well as measure and control its cost. He also gave a sneak peek of the Apptio AI assistant, which effectively uses natural language to automate insights for action. AWS’s Kalpana Mahesh also presented the latest in AWS AI capabilities.

CloudyCon Zone

Conference-goers enjoyed product demos, discussion, and ask-the-expert sessions, along with lots of good conversation and coffee. Cloud experts showed off the new Cloudability Financial Planning solution, discussed options for managed service providers, and provided an overview of the new Oracle Cloud Integration.

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Expo hall highlights

Day 3: The power of community

Wave the checkered flag on TBM Conference 2023 – we crossed the finish line! Day 3’s theme was all about the power of community.

Apptio announced an expansion of capabilities designed to strengthen integration and collaboration across the TBM and FinOps communities, applications, and processes.

Phil Alfano and Oved Lourie, Field CTOs of Apptio and IBM respectively, demonstrated the combined power of Cloudability and IBM Turbonomic to create a software solution that guarantees performance and the ability to capture, govern, and allocate fully-loaded cloud program spend.

Sustainability was a big focus, with NatWest sharing their success story on the path to carbon footprint zero. We also heard lots of stories from partners Rego Consulting and SoftwareOne, sharing real-world TBM and FinOps challenges and solutions, as well as a panel discussion on creating value by leveraging the integration of TBM and ServiceNow.

Innovation strategist and best-selling author Shawn Kanungo ended the keynotes with a bang in his dynamic talk on innovation, generative AI, and the power of strategic disruption.

TBM Conference 2023 offered a power-packed experience for participants. They gained a wealth of knowledge to help propel their TBM, cloud, and Agile transformations into 2024.

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Keynote: Strategy in a world of disruption

Innovation expert and author Shawn Kanungo closed out the conference keynotes with a high-energy presentation on how leaders can better plan for opportunities associated with disruptive innovation.

If you want answers, ask ChatGPT. If you want to innovate, you have to ask bold questions.

Shawn KanungoBestselling Author & Keynote Speaker

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