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Get the most value out of your SaaS investments across Salesforce, ServiceNow, Office 365, and more.


Optimize SaaS license spend

with visibility into fully burdened SaaS costs and usage.


Drive SaaS license usage & adoption

by right-sizing and reallocating licenses based on actual usage.


Proactively manage SaaS utilization

to identify SaaS user activities that impact cost.

In the next 3-5 years, subscription budgets will increase for each given product/service by an average of 40%.

SaaS is creating more software bloat than anticipated. The software costs from SaaS need to be managed.

Half of our survey respondents are concerned or very concerned that total costs with SaaS will be higher.


License Spend
License Usage
App Utilization
Optimize SaaS license spend
Avoid unnecessary SaaS vendor and license costs
  • Optimize SaaS license purchases based on demand and usage.
  • Negotiate better SaaS contract terms using facts instead of assumptions.
Optimize SaaS license allocation and usage
Reduce underutilized and unallocated SaaS licenses
  • Right-size and reallocate SaaS licenses by identifying users with low or no usage across SaaS services.
  • Clearly communicate with business partners about the cost impact of underutilized and unallocated SaaS licenses.
Drive SaaS application utilization and adoption
Cut down on expensive SaaS activities
  • Proactively identify users nearing thresholds and services with low or no usage.
  • Track utilization of custom SaaS configurations to reduce maintenance costs.
  • Identify SaaS user activities that could impact cost or introduce business risk.

Apptio SaaS Insights is made for you

Vendor Management

Negotiate better SaaS contract terms by understanding costs correlated to usage.

Optimize SaaS license purchases based on demand and usage.

Communicate and manage vendor spend occurring outside of the PO process.

Apps & Services

Identify unexpected variances with visibility into burdened SaaS application TCO.

Optimize SaaS licenses by identifying underutilized and unused licenses.

Proactively manage SaaS service utilization to avoid hitting service thresholds.

Office of the CIO

Make fact-based decisions about SaaS application and service portfolio spend.

Expose SaaS license cost and usage trends across multiple SaaS applications.

Improve BU accountability by evaluating fully-burdened SaaS costs.

Embracing a

Hybrid IT Mindset

Five considerations for
your SaaS migration

Right-size Your SaaS to

Optimize Cost Utilization

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