Apptio Cloudability SaaS

Simplify your SaaS Portfolio Management

Cloudability SaaS helps you understand, manage, optimize and govern your SaaS portfolio, enabling your team to make data-driven investment decisions without disrupting business performance.


Track resource consumption of SaaS and on-premises applications across the organization in a single view


Rightsize your portfolio and eliminate sprawl of duplicate, underutilized, or inactive SaaS applications


Understand license types and utilization to forecast spend, manage active contracts, and mitigate risk


Monitor at-risk applications to minimize business risk

Understand your SaaS footprint across the business

  • Identify all SaaS applications consuming resources
  • Eliminate Shadow IT purchased outside normal channels
  • Map license cost and usage back to specific end-user

Get an accurate picture of SaaS spend and usage

  • Break down SaaS spend by user, license, and department
  • Understand app utilization by user, license, and department
  • Monitor on-prem and cloud renewal dates, receive alerts

Make timely adjustments that meet business needs

  • Discover inactive or underutilized application licenses
  • Identify redundant apps and compare pricing in real time
  • Inform data-driven renewals and true-ups to proactively right-size contracts

Respond with precision to security incidents and risks

  • Track apps with GDPR, SOC2 compliance issues, and employee-related risks
  • Organize applications by risk type and assign tags for custom reporting
  • Remove Shadow IT data concerns in your environment

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