Self-Service Reporting

Unlock information and share reports across your organizations

Eliminate the bottlenecks in creating reports and empower your end-users. Stakeholders across the organization can easily create customized views of their financial data that drive contextual analysis and robust conversations and advance business-critical initiatives.

Empower anyone to analyze data and author reports

Stakeholders of all skill sets can create on-demand reports and visualizations by querying the underlying data within Apptio. Democratize access to data within your organization through minimal training, freeing analysts to focus on other strategic priorities.

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Visualize your Apptio data to answer questions faster

Develop personalized views of technology financial data within minutes to drive cross-functional collaboration and decision-making. Conduct timely data analysis, removing repetitive, manual monthly processes or personnel bottlenecks common to reporting.

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Build and revisit personalized reports to track performance

Once created, views and visualizations can be immediately shared with anyone. Search established reports, save favorites for easy reference, and regularly track progress against set goals.

Features of the Apptio platform