Identify and act on opportunities

Transform insights into action. Leverage Apptio’s experience helping thousands of organizations optimize their technology spend to quickly identify actionable insights hidden in your data. Address data quality challenges that reveal cost reduction opportunities – including spend anomalies and areas of redundant spend.

  • Surface insights to uncover IT optimization opportunities based on your parameters
  • Evaluate the impact of insights to prioritize business actions
  • Shift 5% of operating spend to growth spend annually

Select parameters

Get immediate notifications when critical KPI thresholds are met, based on your customized parameters. When parameters are reached, you can uncover key insights that drive decisions and action. Receive notifications on spend overages, hidden spending, costs associated with closed projects, poor forecast accuracy, and much more.

Surface insights

Uncover opportunities to re-allocate spend, optimize costs, reduce risk, increase productivity, and improve data quality. Automatic insight identification reduces the need for manual discovery, freeing you to focus on core financial management activities. Here are a few examples of actionable insights:

Evaluate opportunities

Analyze the potential benefit and recommended actions for identified insights. Assess the impact of each opportunity to determine when, where, and how to act.

How it works: Creating insights

Insights work by automatically analyzing your data to identify when certain conditions have been met, representing opportunities to save money, increase productivity, and improve data quality. Cut through the noise and focus on the information that matters most.

Data-driven insights

Uncover data insights to accelerate your business goals

  • Identify trends to encourage cost savings and reduction
  • Select from Insight templates or create your own

Features of the Apptio platform

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