Apptio Cost Transparency joins AWS Marketplace

We are excited to announce that on November 30, Apptio Cost Transparency was officially made available in AWS Marketplace. This addition gives organizations even more options to get the most value out of their AWS investments as well as their broader IT portfolio.

Cost transparency joins AWS Marketplace

Apptio has always been focused on helping organizations make smarter decisions about their IT spend, maximize their investments, and find creative ways to shift their spend from current operations to growth opportunities.

As part of our ongoing strategic relationship with AWS, last summer we made Apptio Cloudability available in AWS Marketplace. This application provides some of the industry’s leading visualizations and optimization recommendations for AWS investments to empower team-ownership of an organization’s cloud spend.

Today’s announcement broadens the visibility and actionable insights around an organization’s IT portfolio with our flagship application – Cost Transparency. Built on the industry-standard TBM Taxonomy, Cost Transparency combines financial and operational data into a unified model with views dedicated to finance, IT and business units to accelerate data-driven decision making.

Apptio will continue to work with AWS to help customers realize their goals for digital transformation and efficiently manage their IT investments and innovations.

Cost Transparency can be found within the Infrastructure Software (under Data Analytics) and Business Applications (under IT Business Management) categories of AWS Marketplace. These categories offer solutions that enable an organization to modernize, manage, and scale their IT resources more effectively.


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