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Security Designed to Protect You

Innovation is built on trust; trust starts with transparency. You can trust Apptio to deliver world-class applications while handling your data with the utmost care and security. We design every aspect of our business to deliver on that trust.

The protection of your data is a top priority at Apptio, and the development and operation of our service revolves around that commitment. This includes our people, security policies, and dedication to helping you implement secure practices when using our products.

Confidentiality & InfoSec

Apptio requires all employees and contractors to sign and abide by non-disclosure confidentiality agreements, and to comply with our information security policies.


Apptio provides training to all employees on our information security handling practices and policies during their new hire orientation, with refresher courses given annually to keep staff current. In addition, Apptio developers are required to take specific secure coding practice training on an annual basis.

Access to Data

The principle of "least privilege" is adhered to and data is accessible only to authorized Apptio personnel as required to operate the service. Customer data is only disclosed to third parties in connection with the provision of services to you, and only in accordance with your commercial agreements with Apptio.

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