Effective 16 March 2023

Apptio has retained the following companies to provide a discrete service to Apptio for purposes of enabling a portion of the Apptio branded SaaS services/products. To the extent that you choose to upload Personal Data to the SaaS services, these providers may perform a processing function for data provided by customers as defined by the General Data Protection Regulation (the GDPR). These third parties are subject to contractual terms that meet the requirements of all applicable data protection regulations, including confidentiality and information security requirements that are at least as rigorous as required by the GDPR. You will see certain Apptio affiliates are listed below. That is because the employees of such entities may be involved in fulfilling certain services related to the Apptio branded products and services (e.g. follow-the-sun support; operational activities; back office functions; professional services and sales activities).

Sub-processorLocationPurpose of the Processing
Amazon Web ServicesUnited States of America,
AWS Germany (Frankfurt),
AWS Ireland
Provider of on-demand cloud computing platforms
Microsoft, Inc.United States of AmericaProvider of on-demand cloud computing platforms
Google, Inc.United States of AmericaProvider of on-demand cloud computing platforms, Inc. (And Affiliate companies)United States of AmericaThird Party provider of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and support portal solutions
Snowflake, Inc.United States of AmericaThird Party provider of cloud-based computing services

The following is a list of current Sub-Processors, in addition to the other mentioned, specifically for the Apptio Targetprocess subscription services as of the Effective Date:

Sub-processorLocationPurpose of the Processing
“IBM East Europe / Asia” (“IBM Cloud”)Netherlands,
United Kingdom,
United States of America*
Data storage and processing
Amazon Web Services EMEA SARLGermany,
United States of America*
Data storage and processing
SendGrid TwilioUnited States of AmericaEmail Delivery for On-Demand Service
Elasticsearch B.VIrelandSearch functionality, Inc.Germany,
the Netherlands
Product usage analytics, product experience and digital adoption solutions

Note that Apptio personnel could be involved in the support and maintenance of the infrastructure used to power and run various Subscription Services provided by Apptio. All such personnel are subject to standard contractual obligations including confidentiality and rigorous background checks and receive regular training on data protection and compliance. Apptio have Standard Contract Clauses agreements in place between the different legal entities.

Apptio’s affiliates are:

Apptio Europe Limitedwholly-owned subsidiary of Apptio, Inc.United Kingdom
Apptio GmbHwholly-owned subsidiary of Apptio, Inc.Germany (E.U.)
Apptio NL BVwholly-owned subsidiary of Apptio, Inc.The Netherlands (E.U.)
Apptio Pty Ltd.wholly-owned subsidiary of Apptio, Inc.Australia (APAC)
Apptio India LLPwholly-owned subsidiary of Apptio, Inc.India (APAC)
Apptio France SASwholly-owned subsidiary of Apptio, Inc.France (E.U.)
Apptio Italy SRLwholly-owned subsidiary of Apptio, Inc.Italy (E.U.)
Apptio Nordic Apswholly-owned subsidiary of Apptio, Inc.Denmark (E.U.)
Apptio Singapore PTE. LTD.wholly-owned subsidiary of Apptio, Inc.Singapore (APAC)
Apptio Technology Canada Ltd.wholly-owned subsidiary of Apptio, Inc.Canada
Apptio Poland Sp. Z.O.O.wholly-owned subsidiary of Apptio, Inc.Poland (E.U.)
Apptio Spain SLwholly-owned subsidiary of Apptio, Inc.Spain (E.U.)
Apptio Sweden ABwholly-owned subsidiary of Apptio, Inc.Sweden (E.U.)
Apptio KKwholly-owned subsidiary of Apptio, Inc.Japan
Targetprocess Inc.*wholly-owned subsidiary of Apptio, Inc.United States of America

* Legacy Targetprocess legal entity specifically for the Apptio Targetprocess subscription services as of the Effective Date.


Apptio will store customer data processed in connection with the Apptio branded products and services while at rest in a tenant provisioned in either Australia, the European Union, the United Kingdom, or the United States. Minor amounts of Customer Data may be accessed by Apptio personnel outside of the applicable geo incidental to support provided as necessary to help ensure the proper functioning of and improvement to the Service on a 24/7 basis.

Notice of Changes:

Apptio will provide notice of any changes to this list of subprocessors by posting on this page 30 days prior to adding a new subprocessor. If you prefer, Apptio will also provide 30 days prior notice via email notification to any of customer personnel who register (free of charge) here: