Introducing Cloudability and Atlassian Jira Integration

Cloudability is excited to announce the integration of Cloudability True Cost™ cloud management platform with Atlassian Jira Cloud, enabling DevOps and ITOps teams to integrate cloud spend optimization into their processes. Learn more about the Cloudability app in the Atlassian marketplace.

Enabling DevOps for Cloud Costs

The advent of DevOps has enabled organizations to develop software faster to respond to ever-shifting customer and market needs. The software development lifecycle (SDLC) has accelerated and enabled developers to provision resources to meet performance and availability requirements of their application. While this ensures teams respond quickly to business needs, it also results in suboptimal cloud usage and spend.

The utility model of cloud enables teams to subscribe to the amount of resources needed at a given time, i.e. elasticity. Often these resources are not optimized and rightsizing instances can deliver 36% cost savings*. Optimization of cloud resources requires extensive analysis of data over a period of time and is not possible manually.

Cloudability’s data science and machine learning capabilities empower development teams with deep, actionable insights and visibility into cloud usage and spend in a precise, accurate and timely manner.

Cloudability’s Rightsizing Recommendations Engine uses statistical modeling and risk measurement algorithms to provide multiple recommendations sorted by the instances that would deliver maximum savings for the organization. Customers receive a clear sense of potential savings while knowing the risk upfront.

Time-saving Cloud Optimization for DevOps

Previously, executing and tracking rightsizing recommendations required DevOps/ITOps teams to track recommendations manually. Cloudability and Atlassian Jira teams have collaborated to build an integration that instantly creates Jira issues for Cloudability rightsizing recommendations. Now DevOps teams have the ability to create issues in Jira Cloud from within the Cloudability platform.

Atlassian is a long-time customer, leveraging Cloudability to gain better insights into their cloud infrastructure spend. The integration journey started when engineers at Atlassian’s Cloudability team gave this product feedback:

“Wouldn’t it be great if instead of pulling data out of Cloudability, putting it in a spreadsheet, then pasting it into separate Jira tickets assigned to different teams, we could just use a Jira Software app integrated with Cloudability? We (and a lot of your other customers) would use that app!”

We were encouraged to speak with Atlassian’s SaaS partnerships team, and today we proudly offer this integration to all of our users.

Integration Workflow

Start the integration by adding Jira Cloud credentials into Cloudability along with the link to a Jira cloud instance. Install the Cloudability app from the Atlassian marketplace to complete the integration.

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Once the integration is complete, Jira issues for rightsizing can be created from Cloudability and assigned to relevant software projects for engineers and teams to address. The link to the Jira issue created is visible in Cloudability.

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Any Jira issues created contain all the relevant information for the instance, including tags and labels to identify the resource that needs rightsizing. When users create a Jira issue, they’ll get Cloudability’s top rightsizing recommendation (highest savings, lowest risk) option.

Information in the Jira issue includes multiple attributes to easily identify the resource and assign it to relevant teams and projects. Attributes such as Resource ID and Labels/Tags make it easier to search within Jira Cloud.

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Using this information, development teams can rightsize their resources and deliver cost savings faster than ever before.

Use Cases

Driving Increased Agility with Software Teams

Atlassian Jira Cloud enables software teams to ship fast and often. Increased agility helps teams continuously deliver software that meets the requirements of their users.

All cloud infrastructure and services are provisioned as part of the pipeline. These include compute, storage, networking, database and load balancing capabilities, among others. These resources are often over-provisioned to avoid poor user experience from performance and availability issues. For agile teams, leveraging the elastic nature of cloud is important and resources should be rightsized.

Cloudability’s comprehensive rightsizing recommendations enable DevOps teams to determine the right resource to be provisioned. Using the Atlassian Jira Cloud and Cloudability integration, teams can now drive increased agility in their cloud infrastructure and services.

Our powerful Views capabilities globally filter data so admins can determine the prioritized list of resources to be rightsized based on projects or teams.

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The DevOps lead or ITOps teams can then create a Jira issue for the resources that need to be rightsized.

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This integration creates a simplified and automated workflow for DevOps teams to track the status of rightsizing efforts and for developers to continuously optimize their environment. This optimization can be continuously achieved throughout the entire pipeline from development to staging to production.

Enabling Cloud Financial Teams

Cloud Finance teams are always budgeting and looking for ways to optimize the spend. Cloudability gives them the accurate, precise and timely data on cloud spend they need. With Views and powerful analytics-driven reporting and dashboarding capabilities, along with budgeting and forecasting capabilities, Finance teams can accurately view and predict cloud spend.

By integrating Atlassian Jira Cloud and our rightsizing capabilities, Finance teams can recommend rightsizing to engineers in an automated and trackable way. Issue creation is simple and Finance can notify the developer and track the status of the issue.
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Learn more about how you can send our rightsizing recommendations to Jira and empower your teams to run your cloud like a business:


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