Apptio Acquires Cloudwiry to Extend Automated FinOps Practices

Apptio Cloudability and Cloudwiry provide the market’s most mature and powerful platform to drive financial and operational excellence for the cloud.

Macroeconomic headwinds and the complexity of managing cloud and hybrid environments put a premium on public cloud spend management. But the pay-as-go nature of cloud solutions, with their per-second billing and millions of rows of usage data, emphasizes the need for automated public cloud management. 

Our acquisition of Cloudwiry, a market leader in multi-cloud financial automation and FinOps, will help our customers further automate the insights and recommendations around savings plans and other FinOps practices. Cloudwiry helps businesses recognize increased cloud savings, reduced risk, and full flexibility across their multi-cloud, multi-service environments. I am thrilled to bring the Cloudwiry team on board, so we can provide our customers with more capabilities to achieve faster ROI and cost savings on their cloud bills.  

Automated cloud cost management practices elevate your digital business 

FinOps teams attempting manual cloud management must wade through a flood of cost and operational data. The urgency of digital business — quick decisions, nimble pivots — is too fast for manual interventions; it’s why organizations rely on Apptio for visibility, optimization, and automation to manage their public cloud spend. Now, with Cloudwiry, we will offer the market’s most mature and powerful platform to drive financial and operational excellence in the cloud by combining Apptio’s leading FinOps platform, Apptio Cloudability, with Cloudwiry’s savings automation capabilities. 

Meet cloud cost challenges through automated financial management

Cloudwiry simplifies the biggest cloud cost challenges through automated financial management and enhanced cost insights. It leverages machine learning and automation to discover, size, and track cloud environments and give organizations the intelligence needed to improve their cloud economics and business agility. Its platform automates rate optimization, rightsizing, and interactive inventory capabilities across AWS, Azure, and GCP. Cloudwiry helps companies better manage reserved instances and savings plans, allowing many to reach 95%+ coverage and 99% utilization.   

Apptio and Cloudwiry have long been cloud cost management leaders

Both organizations have been navigating the disruptive changes posed to the traditional operating model of technology and best practices in FinOps. Bringing Cloudwiry under the Apptio umbrella furthers our core focus on cloud financial management. It deepens our capabilities in savings automation, including managing reserved instances, advising on rightsizing opportunities, and automating cloud optimization.  

The FinOps space is constantly evolving, and I am excited that Apptio is not only part of that evolution but also fueling the innovation driving it. Cloudwiry automates cloud financial instruments so FinOps practitioners can focus their time on more critical priorities while companies recognize more meaningful savings with better coverage and utilization. 

Our goal is to provide our customers with the most innovative TBM and FinOps solutions possible. Apptio Cloudability was named a Leader in the recent Forrester Wave™: Cloud Cost Management and Optimization (CCMO) report, and the acquisition of Cloudwiry reflects our ongoing leadership in the CCMO category. We are investing in best-in-class products, so our product vision shows up in our offerings to enable our customers to stay innovative.

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