A New and Improved User Experience for Cloudability SaaS

The new interfaces and intuitive interaction patterns provide you with a best-in-class SaaS management platform.

As SaaS becomes a more significant percentage of your total technology spend, you need seamless access to application data to deliver actionable insights. That’s why we’re launching the Apptio Experience (ApEx) for Cloudability SaaS, which shares a common user experience and visual design with the rest of our product portfolio to simplify Cloudability SaaS data management.

What is the Apptio Experience (ApEx)?

ApEx is our intuitive interface for Apptio products. With these components, Cloudability SaaS has a consistent look and feel. This is a seamless transition requiring no customer action. All new customers will be provisioned on the new application starting in late February; existing customers will migrate to the new application today.

The dynamic user design greets users with an intuitive experience and includes features such as:

New, actionable dashboard

Included in this release is a new dashboard experience. With this new dashboard, customers will be able to quickly identify the top 10 applications in their portfolio, review the trailing 12 months of portfolio spend, prioritize action for contracts expiring in the next 90 days, and review underutilized applications. Users can navigate to specific views, including applications that are underutilized and contracts that have a renewal date upcoming, accelerating customer processes around SaaS portfolio management.

Fig 1 Dashboard - A New and Improved User Experience for Cloudability SaaS - Apptio

Updated contract renewal experience

Line of sight into SaaS contract expirations will help you avoid spend surprises and give your IT teams necessary visibility into upcoming spend. We created a new contract calendar page with customer input that provides greater visibility into your upcoming renewals, saving you and your team time in analyzing expiring contracts.

Fig 2 ContractRenewal - A New and Improved User Experience for Cloudability SaaS - Apptio

Improved shadow IT management

Shadow IT concerns continue to grow as the software purchasing process is democratized across organizations. In this release, we’ve made updates for how users can interact with financial data in Cloudability SaaS, providing you with more extensible reporting and analytics around actual SaaS spend (see Figure 3). We also released a more prescriptive discovered applications page where you can quickly view unsanctioned application spend that our system has discovered through our machine-learning algorithms.

Fig 3 Reports - A New and Improved User Experience for Cloudability SaaS - Apptio

We’ve been hard at work on this release to ensure that we empower your procurement and IT teams with the tools necessary to efficiently and effectively manage their SaaS portfolio. This work could not have been done without the help from you (our loyal customers) and the fantastic feedback that you’ve provided. For more information, please see the Cloudability SaaS product page.

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