re:Invent 2022: FinOps Metrics That Matter

FinOps metrics help surface waste, show when rising cloud costs correlate to innovation and profitability, and frame spending in business value.

Agile Fundamentals for Annual Planning Cycles

Incorporate both waterfall projects and Agile programs into annual planning cycles and make those activities more responsive.

Digitizing the PI Planning Experience

Increase the effectiveness of in-person, remote, and hybrid PI planning while minimizing follow-up efforts to link the program plans to business strategy.



A New and Improved User Experience for Cloudability SaaS

The new interfaces and intuitive interaction patterns provide you with a best-in-class SaaS management platform.

3 Steps to Jump-Start Your SaaS Platform Management

SaaS is growing rapidly, and that growth comes with challenges. Take the right steps to ensure you’re making the most of your SaaS environment.

How to Maximize Value While Managing Your SaaS Portfolio

Consider more than just the immediate service cost when assessing the value of SaaS solutions.

Les Ottolenghi on Digital Transformation and TBM

Les Ottolenghi,
Executive Vice President & Chief Information Officer
Caesars Entertainment

Control SaaS Usage


To Increase Agility, Foster Business & IT Harmony in 3 Areas