Apptio Solutions

Apptio is your Business System for IT. In the past, Sales, Travel & Expense, HR, and Finance used spreadsheets to run their functions. They now use, Concur, Workday, and NetSuite. Today, hundreds of IT leaders in every industry, geography, and size use Apptio TBM to manage the business of IT. Apptio is the only business system made specifically for IT leaders, with an industry standard IT model that marries data from operational, vendor and financial sources to deliver actionable business information and insight across IT.

Whether you’re looking to better communicate IT value, improve efficiency of your IT investment, drive a more effective planning process, or transform your IT operating model, Apptio helps you achieve your TBM objectives:

Understand and Communicate IT value by providing cost, consumption and choice in a language your business partners can understand

IT leaders at companies like Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Kaiser Permanente, and Navistar use Apptio to understand their IT cost and consumption, and communicate them in terms the business understands. Apptio provides business leaders with the levers and choices needed to shape their consumption to impact costs and shift Run-the-Business spend to Change-the-Business initiatives. With Apptio you are in full command of your IT business and armed with defensible and credible data, to speed up decisions and move into action. Apptio helps IT change the relationship with the business from a reactive cost center to a proactive value provider.

In order to change behavior we have to be transparent. TBM enabled us to have a story. We built up all the costs and then we aligned the costs in a way that made sense to the business. Based on that, the business could see how their activities would change the cost picture.

Carl Stumpf, Managing Director, IT Controller, CME Group

Plan more efficiently and accurately to align faster with financial plans and business priorities

With Apptio, IT Finance teams conquer the critical process of building a budget, freeing time to focus on higher-value analysis, and increase budget owner accountability through ongoing variance analysis. Apptio equips IT leaders with the information needed to clearly “tell the story” behind their budget and forecasts, in terms that both technical and nontechnical stakeholders can understand. With standardized budget templates and workflows to automate their population, approval, and consolidation across budget iterations, Apptio enables leaders to focus on what the business needs from IT instead of getting bogged-down with email and spreadsheet templates.

I love the idea of being able to integrate our budget and forecasting along with our story about how we spend year over year. It's the integration of the two different components of what we do in terms of our planning, strategy and management.

Letitia Toy, Director of IT Strategy, Planning & Architecture, Gates Foundation

Continuously optimize IT investment for business value with insight into cost, efficiency and quality

Companies like Gates Foundation, DirecTV, and First American continuously optimize investment for business value by using Apptio to regularly deliver metrics relevant to each aspect of their IT businesses. From Compute and Storage to Application and Support, functional teams are engaged with monthly and quarterly financial and resource KPIs so they can see trends, investigate outliers, discuss solutions, make decisions and track progress. Senior IT leadership can see how resources in each function align to business needs through the application portfolio. Infrastructure and Application leaders gain actionable insights by seeing efficiency and quality alongside cost to prioritize and drive action, such as where to retire applications, migrate to cloud, shift project resources, adjust vendor mix, consolidate servers or invest in a technology refresh. The result: a continuous improvement in efficiency so you can align investment for quality, agility and innovation.

Through TBM, we've been able to identify areas within our organization that were underutilized or, frankly, not even being used at all. And by recovering those assets and costs, it opened up and helped fund an entirely new world of innovation for us.

Michael Brady, SVP of Infrastructure, Kaiser Permanente

Transform your IT business with facts to manage the cost, quality and value of on-premises and cloud services

Companies like AmerisourceBergen, Cox Enterprises and Nationwide Building Society use Apptio TBM to accelerate the transformation of their IT businesses. With Apptio, infrastructure and application service owners are empowered with facts to manage the cost, quality and value of their offerings. I&O leaders can accelerate and track cloud migration decisions with cost and resource visibility into applications that may be on premise, in the cloud, or as a hybrid service. IT Finance can track against goals to shift fixed costs to variable costs for greater financial agility. Across it all, the Office of the CIO is equipped with a vendor-neutral source of truth to run IT like a business.

Over the past year, First American's use of Azure has mushroomed from $500 a month to $300,000, and he expects to have similar conversations with business managers in 2015 about the potential of cloud use. His staff knows the expense for a certain application running in a virtual machine on-premises. When it makes sense to, he can point out to his counterpart in the line of business what the potential savings might be on Azure. "Without that baseline in place, we wouldn't know if there's an advantage in moving to the cloud or not," he noted.

Chuck Niethold, VP of IT Project and Portfolio Management, First American Corp in InformationWeek