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During a recent trip to Silicon Valley, I had the opportunity to sit down with Michal Lev-Ram of Fortune Magazine, to discuss the emerging Technology Business Management (TBM) category and how CIOs are putting TBM solutions to work to transform their IT organizations. Of particular interest to Michal was Facebook, and the company’s goal of reducing IT spend amidst explosive company growth.


Today’s CIOs are running the gauntlet. Budgets are tight and IT investments are in the spotlight like never before. Stakeholders are clamoring for improved financial transparency and more effective management. Even turf wars are heating up; new research from Accenture found that 43 percent of the senior finance executives polled said they also now manage IT projects.


We’ve all heard about the changing role of the CIO, but what does that mean and what type of market pressures are driving this?


Late last week, Apptio announced that the company raised an additional $3.5 million in capital from Cisco to close our Series C round of financing. This brings the total amount raised in this latest round to $20 Million with a total of $41 million raised to date. Perhaps more significant than the capital investment itself, was the strategic agreement that was forged between Cisco and Apptio.


You may have seen our recent release announcing that JPMorgan Chase (JPMC) inducted Apptio into its Hall of Innovation – an extraordinary accomplishment for a company that burst onto the scene only three years ago.


Welcome to my first post - I am the founder & CEO of Apptio and am starting to get my feet wet in the blogosphere. I wanted to start by telling you why I believe Technology Business Management will be the hottest thing in Enterprise IT in a few years, and why it’s unlike anything out there today.