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Data quality concerns often hold back technology leaders from the cost insights that they need to better manage the business of IT. While rich, accurate data is essential to make strategic decisions, you’re not sure where to begin—or if it’s even possible—given the poor quality of your data. 


Incorporating data into everyday processes is critical for making informed decisions and setting direction for an organization.

Companies that use data and analytics in decision-making saw a 5-6% improvement in productivity and profitability, according to MIT research. Data-driven decision-making enables firms to outperform competitors.

How can you create a data-driven culture within the Office of the CIO?


As CIOs grapple with service transformation initiatives, shadow IT and competition from cloud providers, the need for a well-designed IT financial management (ITFM) program has become acute. However, before you buy any ITFM tools, stop and assess why you need an ITFM program in the first place.


As IT leaders work to identify and control costs and increase the value of IT to the business, the promise of a well-architected IT financial management (ITFM) program is gaining traction. But before you buy, stop and assess why you need an ITFM program in the first place. 

A new Gartner report makes recommendations on key assessments an organization must make before selecting an ITFM tool.