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Fair, transparent, easy-to-understand IT billing

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Make IT billing more defensible

by communicating IT spend in terms the business understands.


Drive consumption behavior

with service options that let consumers dictate IT demand.


Increase accountability

through self-service allocation detail for business consumers.

“It changes behavior if people are charged with what they use. We've done a lot in the last couple of years to tell that cost story better and, now that we're talking about value, we're becoming a key part of Cargill's strategy.”

—James Pleis, IT Finance Lead, Global IT, Cargill

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Automate monthly billing

Eliminate labor-intensive manual billing practices

  • Deliver bills automatically via email for easy access.
  • Leverage simple, business-friendly pro-forma invoice templates.
  • Automate chargeback extracts for corporate financial systems.

Communicate with the business

Get rid of high-level, indefensible IT allocations

  • Show the value IT is delivering and increase transparency into what makes up the cost of IT.
  • Extend Apptio Cost Transparency for defensibility and justification of charges.
  • Automate email delivery of your bill of IT.
  • Communicate predictable and trustworthy IT allocations.

Drive consumption behavior

Put an end to IT services being consumed like they're free

  • Provide service options and let business consumers dictate demand.
  • Choose subsidization strategies to drive adoption and sunset of services.
  • Recover costs and perform true-ups for business relationship managers.
  • Showback unit rate and consumption detail for applications and services.

Provide self-service allocation details

Reduce frustration by business leaders about their IT costs

  • Easily communicate IT spend by business unit, department, and user.
  • Provide self-service allocation detail directly to business consumers.
  • Increase predictability and minimize impact of financial true-ups for variances in plan.

Apptio Bill of IT is made for you

IT Finance

Improve defensibility and business unit understanding of cost allocations.

Automate workflow for creating, distributing, and managing bills.

Give business partners choices to influence costs of IT services and apps.

Office of the CIO

Empower business units to be better consumers of IT by giving them choices.

Drive shared accountability of IT costs with the business.

Shape demand with showback and chargeback to business units.

Business Relationship Management

Enable business units to analyze spending choices with self-service, interactive bills.

Influence business unit application consumption with tiered service options.

Communicate run versus grow investment in support of each business unit.

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Leverage showback and chargeback to impact IT costs

Discover how to leverage showback and chargeback to improve awareness and accountability, and to shape demand and consumption.


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