Action Plans

Track progress toward goals & objectives

Eliminate the fragmentation of insight and goal tracking across multiple systems, and oversee progress toward cost optimization goals with Action Plans.

  • Establish metrics, targets, and timelines for any initiative
  • Track progress and impact automatically
  • Achieve goals & objectives up to 50% faster

Establish targets, timelines, and criteria

Define specific tasks or goals the business wishes to monitor. Once identified, the system automatically binds that metric and the associated meta data to a plan for tracking.

Track progress and impact

Plans, their status, and individual or collective financial impacts can all be tracked from intuitive dashboards. As metrics change, they are reflected in the system, allowing stakeholders to adjust plans and course correct accordingly.

Drive accountability

Assign work and plans to stakeholders. Plan progress visibility increases contributor accountability and collaboration to meet business objectives.

How it works: Schedule effective actions

Once insights are identified, set goals and track progress automatically with Action Plans, allowing you to measure and easily communicate progress back to stakeholders. Organizations can leverage Action Plans to track cost savings, productivity enhancements, and risk-reduction activities.

Make insights actionable

Discover how to transform insights into actions

  • Measure success as you work to implement change
  • Assign owners and track activities to conclusion

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