July 27, 2010
There's nothing wrong with spreadsheets, of course. They've been around for decades and will be around for decades more. But when you're in an organization that's employing dashboards to provide top executives with practically real-time data on costs and profitability down to the service or product line for non-IT items, it does make IT look a little behind the curve to still be typing data into Excel cells.
July 26, 2010
Many companies, abetted by various vendor solutions, have sought to curtail spreadsheet use. Most of those projects have been futile: Users in finance, sales, marketing and supply chain functions just love their multi-celled document too much. When it comes to IT budgeting processes, tracking apps spending and TCO management, CIOs also love themselves some spreadsheets, too.
Spend Matters
July 22, 2010
I recently spent some time on the phone with Jeff Day, who serves as Director of Marketing at Apptio, a Pacific Northwest-based firm whose focus is on providing companies with insight into exactly what, where, and how they’re spending in relation to IT. While most companies have at least some insight into sales, manufacturing, finance, and HR spending, many actually neglect the breakdown when it comes to IT. And current spend visibility solutions are falling short of providing this information, especially at the level required to better manage vendors and internal demand and usage.
July 15, 2010
The economic downturn and the introduction of external cloud services to the business environment is forcing the issue of IT chargeback, the merits of which have long been debated within IT ranks.
All Things Digital
July 12, 2010
Since it launched almost exactly a year ago with a $300 million fund, the venture firm of Andreessen Horowitz has cut a rather high-profile path through the Silicon Valley investing community.