Dive Deeper Into Your Costs With Apptio IT Benchmarking

“CIOs who fail to show benchmarks that underscore their success may soon find themselves replaced by someone who can.” – Clint Boulton, CIO.com

When you know how similar organizations are performing and can compare your IT costs to benchmarks, you can make better decisions for your own business and justify them with hard facts. However, without confidence in the comparative data, IT benchmarking has little value.

With allocation strategies based on the Apptio® TBM Unified Model™ (ATUM™) and peer data from trusted sources (including Apptio’s own customers), Apptio IT Benchmarking provides an apples-to-apples comparison you can rely on. This spring, Apptio takes our IT Benchmarking product one step further, making the data more interactive to enable deeper insights and provide greater confidence in comparisons.


Interactivity offers key advantages

Self-service peer selection

With Interactive Benchmarking, you gain total access to the benchmarking data set. This allows you to:

  • self-select the peer group that best fits your organizational profile by type of benchmark: Industry, IT OpEx, or Infrastructure
  • adjust the peer group for industry-level metrics (such as IT spend as a % of revenue) for factors like the vertical you operate within, your revenue size, and your geographic region
  • tailor your costs by financial cost pool to see how your spend compares to those with a similar operating model
  • understand how your infrastructure costs, such as Windows Unit Cost, are affected by unit volume scale

Full availability of the benchmark data lets you not only adjust the comparative peer group as your organization changes, but also allows you to analyze alternate or “what if” scenarios that prove valuable in the planning cycle.

Benchmark data detail

In Interactive Benchmarking, each IT benchmark metric is represented by a box plot graphic depicting the entire range of benchmark values in the sample. This distribution information lets you see where you fall within that spectrum. New features, including sample sizes, benchmark metric descriptions and calculations, provide additional insight into the comparisons.


A reliable measure of IT performance

Armed with facts, you are empowered to make the most informed decisions about IT investments. With the new capabilities of IT Benchmarking, you can see how your IT costs stack up against your peers, defend spend decisions, and identify areas for improvement by benchmarking against a trusted sample that makes sense for your organization.


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