Transport for NSW Achieves Service Excellence by Integrating ApptioOne and ServiceNow

“We are using information from Apptio to monitor and measure our app consumption and cost and also enhancing our data quality by reporting gaps to the right stakeholders”

Executive summary

Transport for New South Wales (NSW) is at the forefront of developing a secure, seamlessly integrated, and efficient transportation system dedicated to serving the people of NSW. Our unwavering commitment to prioritising customer needs is evident in our approach to transport planning, strategy, policy, procurement, and various non-service delivery functions, spanning all modes of transportation, from roads to rail, ferries, and light rail. Our purpose is to make NSW a better place to live, work, and visit.

Within our organisation, the IT for Transport division plays a pivotal role. This division manages an extensive operational and project portfolio of over 700 projects, all of which are supported by our very talented team of skilled professionals. Together, they deliver a staggering 400 services across 50,000 devices to a digital user base of almost 28,000 people, operating across more than 700 sites. To effectively oversee this complex landscape, our teams employ ApptioOne, seamlessly integrated with ServiceNow. This robust framework empowers us to oversee annual IT expenditure of, merging cost and operational data to enhance service delivery, ensuring both high performance and cost-effective services for the benefit of our people and customers.

Company background

Transport for NSW stands as a prominent state government agency in Australia, collaborating harmoniously with operating agencies, private operators, and industry partners to provide customer-centric services and to spearhead transformative projects. Our global recognition rests on our innovative use of transport technologies, enabling us to serve a vast demographic of over eight million customers and 800,000 businesses. Our collective efforts support the movement of a staggering 500 million tons of freight annually, fostering economic growth and connectivity across NSW.

Our enduring mission is to continue shaping a transport system that embodies the values of safety, integration, and efficiency while delivering exceptional value to the people, communities, and businesses of New South Wales. Our pursuit of excellence in transportation digital infrastructure places us at the forefront of the global transportation landscape.

The challenge

In 2020, Roads and Maritime Services (RMS), another large government agency of approximately 7,000 people, merged into Transport for NSW. Bringing two complex organisations together, Transport for NSW implemented ApptioOne and consolidated two different Technology Business Management (TBM) models into a single TBM practice, completing the merger in only six months.

Consolidating TBM practices posed a significant challenge, with meticulous coordination and alignment of processes. Prior to the merger, both agencies and IT functions were operating with multiple systems and versions of the same system, creating redundancy and inefficiency. The IT for Transport team was required to select a single service management platform to service the entirely new and amalgamated team.

The overarching objective was twofold: first, to eliminate technical debt and transition away from a vendor-managed solution, and second, to centralise data from a legacy Configuration Management Databases (CMDBs) onto a single strategic platform. After careful evaluation of available alternatives, Transport for NSW opted for the adoption of ServiceNow as the chosen platform.

Following the implementation of ApptioOne integrated with ServiceNow, and the successful consolidation of two TBM models into one coherent framework, the IT for Transport team shifted its focus to optimising service delivery. This entailed harnessing the synergistic potential of integrating these two robust products to enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of Transport for NSW operations.

The solution

In light of the respective advantages offered by ApptioOne, a renowned industry leading cost modelling solution and ServiceNow, a highly regarded platform for managing operations and digital workflows, Transport for NSW initiated a strategic and prescriptive bi-directional integration.

The results

Leveraging the strengths of transparency

ApptioOne provides Transport for NSW cost transparency and is the only source of truth for all technology and consumption costs. But according to Poonam Kataria, senior manager of TBM at Transport for NSW, that was not always the case.

“Prior to 2020, the visibility into service cost consumption was unsatisfactory. We had over 2,000 applications without any visibility into duplicate, unused, or retired apps. Cloud costs were increasing, and we had no mechanism to show transparency or opportunities for improvement,” said Kataria.

Since then, Transport for NSW has fully adopted ApptioOne and developed a strong, mature TBM practice. Today, ApptioOne is used to provide transparency across consumption, cost, and performance of major IT services for all annual technology spend and cloud costs. In addition, ApptioOne enables the IT team to perform application rationalisation, calculate showback and chargeback for services used, help track double run costs for on-premises and cloud-based applications, and deliver insights on vendor contracts and spend.

In November 2022, the IT for Transport team were recognised at the Global Technology Business Management Council Awards, winning the category ‘TBM Pacesetter’ for their outstanding implementation and use-case of Apptio.

Benefits of ApptioOne-ServiceNow Integration

According to Kataria, Transport for NSW extracts over 20 datasets (including infrastructure, IT assets, ticket and other reference data) from ServiceNow into ApptioOne using the prescriptive out-of-the-box datalink ingress connectors and custom connectors.

“ServiceNow’s discovery capability enhanced our cost allocations by 41%in the infrastructure layer,” she said. “And comparing CMDB data against each entity helped us build the application TCO (total cost of ownership). In addition, integration is 100% automated, which has helped us achieve service excellence by providing a 360-degree view with visibility of both cost and operational metrics and reduced our month end process by two days.”

Another benefit has been in their cloud environment. “Use of automation capabilities has really helped when spinning cloud resources,” Kataria said. “This is helping us establish proper workflows and tag relevant resources to and from different systems. With the changing environments, there is always scope of improvements, but we are proud to say that we are going in the right direction.”

The integration also has helped Transport for NSW deliver better insights about their vendor relationships. According to Kataria, they import vendor contract data from ServiceNow into ApptioOne and service-level agreement (SLA) information to capture the complete picture of their vendor performance.

“In a single system, we will be able to see how much each vendor costs, how they are doing against their SLAs, and any associated risks,” she said.

Finally, Kataria stressed that the transparency provided by the integration has highlighted data gaps, enabling the team to address these gaps across their main IT services within one to two weeks.

In addition to extracting data from ServiceNow into ApptioOne, Transport for NSW also successfully implemented sending cost data from ApptioOne back into ServiceNow using the new OOTB egress connector and Apptio’s certified apps on the ServiceNow store. As a result, ServiceNow users will be able to see costs for major applications and IT services.

In summary, the integration has helped us in linking financial information with operational data, enhanced transparency, improved the cost allocations, and saved us time by reducing manual interventions.

Next steps

Overall, Kataria said the ApptioOne and ServiceNow integration has saved Transport for NSW considerable time through automation. It has also helped deliver an only source of truth and increased visibility, helping IT for Transport enhance service delivery, for the agencies and divisions they support.

Moving forward, Kataria sees the organisation continuing to mature, refining the integration between the products, expanding to new use cases, and leveraging ApptioOne to help the organisation manage through challenging economic times. “We are using information from Apptio to monitor and measure our app consumption and cost and also enhancing our data quality by reporting gaps to the right stakeholders,” she said. “And that helps us manage tough economic trends by adjusting our business priorities and negotiating vendor contracts.”

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Acknowledgement of Country

Transport pays respect to Elders past and present and recognises and celebrates the diversity of Aboriginal peoples and their ongoing cultures and connections to the lands and waters of NSW.

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