How Koch Business Solutions Drives FinOps Practice to the Enterprise

Using Cloudability and adopting FinOps best practices, Koch Business Solutions migrated to cloud and has saved $5 million dollars enterprise-wide. Learn how KBS is leading the charge in the world of enterprise cloud cost optimization.

American manufacturing giant, Koch Industries Inc. (KII), moved to cloud in 2017. There was a transformation imperative, and the opportunity to successfully grow the enterprise would not be found in a data center – Koch needed to move to the cloud and increase its pace of innovation.

Ballooning Costs After Migrating

Koch Business Solutions (KBS), which drives all major IT initiatives across KII’s subsidiary companies, chose to migrate to increase both savings and efficiency. But weeks after migration, it was clear they were missing opportunities to save and scale effectively.

KBS needed a clear view of KII’s enterprise cloud infrastructure and the right tools to control costs. If cost allocations weren’t done correctly, it could mean inaccurate chargeback and confusion about what the various business units were saving and spending across the enterprise.

With plans to continue the migration and grow KII’s cloud usage, KBS knew it was time to prioritize solving its cloud optimization challenges.

FinOps Tools and Practices to Enable Cloud Efficiency in the Enterprise

After assessing multiple cloud optimization platforms, Cloudability was deemed the best fit for KBS’ needs.

“Cloudability’s user experience and multi-cloud capabilities were differentiating factors that pushed it ahead of the other tools we evaluated. The implementation process was very smooth in terms of onboarding our customer’s environments.”

— KBS Cloud Platform Leader

The KBS Optimization Team honed its approach to cost savings using Cloudability and FinOps and is giving trainings to members across KII’s technology teams. These trainings encourage the adoption of best practices and good cloud hygiene, including turning off stale resources and improving tag coverage.

Continually rolling out Cloudability and FinOps to new teams means both the knowledge and the tools for savings and optimization are quickly spreading across the enterprise. Koch has hundreds of users active in Cloudability now able to manage and optimize their spend.

Big Savings and Cultural Shift

Cloudability enabled the KBS team to maximize its results from migration and get more from cloud.

Thanks to a massive RI purchasing project guided by Cloudability’s recommendations and KBS’ account reps, the Optimization Team was able to increase EC2 RI coverage from 25% to 87%, saving a whopping $5 million enterprise-wide.

KBS is a fourth of the way through its migration, meaning many more optimization opportunities still lie ahead. Cloudability will be there to provide the tools, best practices and support needed to succeed in the complex world of enterprise cloud cost optimization.

Ready to Learn More?

To learn more about how KBS optimized its use of cloud with Cloudability and FinOps practices, read their full customer case study.

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