CloudyCon Call for Papers: Tell Your FinOps Story

CloudyCon, the first FinOps conference, will deliver real world stories, expertise and inspiration for and by FinOps leaders and practitioners — and we want to hear from you!

Cloudability is proud to announce CloudyCon, the conference for FinOps. Taking place September 10-12, CloudyCon is going to bring together FinOps practitioners from a variety of teams. (Curious about FinOps? Check out FinOps: A New Approach to Cloud Financial Management.)

CloudyCon attendees will include technology leaders, business executives, technical procurement managers, cloud financial analysts, cloud economists and finance operations professionals. In short, people who have played a vital role in their organization’s cloud adoption journey — including many Cloudability users.

While CloudyCon is a Cloudability conference, we’re working in cooperation with the FinOps Foundation, which enables us to offer in-depth FinOps talk tracks, workshops and training.

It’s the perfect chance to tell and hear stories that’ll help your FinOps journey. What kind of stories? Well, let’s take a look!

Cloud Migration, Adoption and Public Cloud Deployments

Cloud migration and cloud deployments are a vital process for modern technology infrastructures — a process that’s complicated and fraught with pitfalls. If you’ve successfully navigated them, then this is your chance to inspire others. As an attendee, it’s also your chance to learn hard-earned wisdom to help you in your own cloud adoption journey.

FinOps Stories, Examples and Wisdom

While the codification of FinOps into a cohesive cloud operating model is fairly recent, the individual practices and pieces have been slowly developed by experts across a variety of companies. If you’ve been a part of this evolution, then share what you’ve learned to implement FinOps — and hear about the successful actions of others.

Implementing FinOps Training and Career Development

A key part of implementing FinOps is creating a culture based around cost management and accountability. But it goes farther than that. A FinOps culture requires training and opens career development opportunities. CloudyCon is the perfect opportunity to hear and share stories about creating these training programs and opportunities within organizations.

Stories of Getting Started with Cloudability

As the platform for Finops, Cloudability is the best tool for getting everyone on your team the data and insights they need to accomplish their FinOps goals. But how do you quickly roll out the platform to get fast results? Practical experience is a great source of wisdom, and these talks are the perfect way to get the real-world expertise you need to get your Cloudability system up and running.

Advanced Cloudability Techniques

Are you an expert with Cloudability? Or have you done some awesome work using Cloudability’s API? Then CloudyCon’s the perfect time to show off. And if you’re not an expert, then it’s the perfect time to become one. These advanced technique talks are all about getting the most out of Cloudability to maximize your FinOps results.

Prepare for Your Cloud Future with CloudyCon

Cloud cost management and cost optimization are only going to get more important as cloud spend gets bigger. Presenting at CloudyCon is your chance to establish yourself as a thought leader in the field of FinOps — and you’ll get recordings of your presentations for your site, blog, internal training and more.

Check out our Call for Papers to submit your talk. But you better hurry! The Call for Papers closes April 23.

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