Apptio Awarded Best Cloud Analytics Product of the Year

Apptio has garnered top honors, winning its category in the 2018 Cloud Excellence Awards. Apptio bested its competitors, taking Best Cloud Analytics Product in the highly competitive category that has been described as one of the most important metrics for today’s IT shops — understanding and controlling the costs of cloud computing.

Cloud computing has changed the way organizations plan, use, and pay for computing resources. The technology has found a place in nearly every enterprise because of its ease of acquisition and deployment as well as its low cost of entry. Companies are able to choose multiple options from a variety of providers to build their own cloud-based infrastructures. The resulting mix is often composed of public cloud offerings, private cloud services, internally hosted clouds, and legacy systems to create a fully customized and flexible infrastructure that fits their needs and fulfills their operational goals.

The problem is that because the use of cloud infrastructure is highly flexible and variable, IT has difficulty understanding the costs attached to the services being used, much less controlling those costs.

As the market leader in Technology Business Management (TBM) software, Apptio arms CIOs and I&O leaders with best of breed tools so they can better understand and manage the technologies they use to run their businesses. ApptioOne gives businesses a way to aggregate all its IT costs, and Cloudability lets IT quickly understand a company’s entire cloud portfolio, allowing them to make better and faster decisions about how they purchase and consume cloud services.

Most IT teams deploy to more than one cloud to take advantage of the features particular to each, and those services are used by multiple business units with many using multiple services across the range of cloud providers. IT receives bills for these services that are made up of thousands of lines of detail that must be sorted and categorized so costs can be allocated to the appropriate business units based on their uses of each resource. Traditional tools like spreadsheets fall short in delivering IT departments fast and accurate breakdowns of cost, leaving IT to make educated guesses about the spend and value derived from their cloud investments.

Apptio’s CT and CCM products give IT managers a single source of truth and a comprehensive analytical view of their cloud deployment, normalizing the variances in terminology used across the different vendors’ offerings. This allows cost allocation to business units in a language they can understand and take ownership over. This data-driven central authority brings all technology costs into a single interface allowing them to be evaluated against a wide range of metrics that can be reviewed in real time as well as over a long-term to better understand and adjust consumption.

With this award, the company continues to build on its history of success in providing award-winning capabilities to IT and I&O leaders as they take control of their cloud-based initiatives.

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