ApptioOne Billing

IT billing the business understands.

ApptioOne Billing delivers a defensible and predictable bill to business consumers that communicates IT costs in the language the business understands.

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  • Deliver defensible billing
    Demonstrate the value of IT in the language the business understands.
  • Increase accountability
    Consistently show IT spend by business units, departments, and users.
  • Drive choice and behavior change
    Offer service options that let consumers dictate IT demand.

“It changes behavior if people are charged with what they use. Our TBM journey was started by finance to demystify IT, to explain to our businesses about the functions we support. We’ve done a lot in the last couple of years to tell that cost story better and, now that we’re talking about value, we’re becoming a key part of Cargill’s strategy.”

Automate monthly billing

  • Deliver bills automatically via email for easy access.
  • Leverage simple, business-friendly pro-forma invoice templates.
  • Automate chargeback extracts for corporate financial systems.

Communicate with the business

  • Show the value IT is delivering and increase transparency into what makes up the cost of IT.
  • Extend ApptioOne for defensibility and justification of charges.
  • Automate email delivery of your bill of IT.
  • Communicate predictable and trustworthy IT allocations.

Drive consumption behavior

  • Provide service options and let business consumers dictate demand.
  • Choose subsidization strategies to drive adoption and sunset of services.
  • Recover costs and perform true-ups for business relationship managers.
  • Showback unit rate and consumption detail for applications and services.

Provide self-service allocation details

  • Easily communicate IT spend by business unit, department, and user.
  • Provide self-service allocation detail directly to business consumers.
  • Increase predictability and minimize impact of financial true-ups for variances in plan.
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Better Together

Accelerate technology spend management and service management with Apptio & ServiceNow’s joint approach to managing the work and business of IT.

Part of a Comprehensive Suite

Use Case ApptioOne ApptioOne Plus ApptioOne Demand ApptioOne Billing ApptioOne Benchmarking
Establish ITFM fundamentals
Make informed staffing decisions
Manage asset lifecycle cost
Optimize vendor spend
Grow and optimize investment portfolio
Accelerate forecasting cycles
Categorize applications and services
Optimize application TCO
Rationalize your application and service portfolio
Manage business consumption
Source and aggregate service demand
Plan, track and influence service consumption
Improve unit rate accuracy
Recover costs directly from business units
Strategically price services to shape demand
Benchmark and optimize spend
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How Apptio works

Our platform is the operating system for IT financial management.

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