IT Planning

Transform IT planning from tactical exercise to strategic discipline


Increase IT Planning Accuracy and Agility

Apptio automates and accelerates the IT planning process, fostering greater accountability, increased plan accuracy, and the agility to free up budget to fund other initiatives.

Increase productivity

Accelerate planning cycles and automate data aggregation and report creation.

Align resources to business needs

Create and compare multi-year scenarios.

Reduce budget variance

Forecast more frequently and hold budget owners accountable for spend.

Accelerate the annual IT budget process

  • Track plan versions, status and approvals with collaborative workflow capabilities
  • Access self-service analytics for review and explanation of variances by budget owners
  • Create budgets, forecasts and scenarios at a click of a button
Apptio Solution 3 - IT Planning - Apptio
Apptio Solution 1 - IT Planning - Apptio

Redirect resources flexibly

  • Modify budgets and forecasts to see the immediate impact of business changes on spend.
  • Create what-if scenarios quickly for contract renewals, hiring, and capacity.
  • Develop rolling forecasts to improve out-quarter budgeting.

Develop a strategic planning horizon

  • Create resource plans up to six years into the future.
  • Automatically build multi-year contract and asset line items from the prior year.
  • Create and compare multi-year scenarios.
Apptio Solution 5 - IT Planning - Apptio

“[Apptio] Has helped us with the senior management level to get transparency into the planning process of IT costs – especially in the cloud area. We are also…showing actuals against the budget and can focus on variances that occur every month.”

Lars Oliver Lange
Team Lead for IT Controlling and License Management, Hermes

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