Release Train Engineer (RTE)

As an RTE, you help people and teams with facilitating the team or program events and helping them to better understand and apply the Agile mindset and related practices.

We don’t pretend that by using Apptio Targetprocess your team or team-of-teams will magically become more agile, but we have a lot of features that help with collaboration and transparency.

Event Facilitation & Support

While physical post-it’s are the best way to creatively and collaboratively work in a face-to-face setting, when having 1 person dialed in, this doesn’t work any more. Targetprocess supports the facilitation of all SAFe and Scrum events with its customizable, highly visual, and interactive views such as boards, so the tool will support the process and not prescribe it.

PI Planning

Conduct Program Increment (PI) Planning for your teams in a simple and seamless way.

Remote Retrospectives

Сapture your team’s feedback and resulting action items remotely using Apptio Targetprocess.

Miro Integration

Use visual platform Miro to centralize communication on a single online whiteboard.


Follow the Work not the People

In Apptio Targetprocess we focus on following the work through its process from idea to value release. We support a deep hierarchy of work-items, grouping them by products and teams or team-of-teams and more. One view on some data might not provide you with the insights or usability you need, therefore we allow you to create and customize your own views on the data, whether it be a list, board, timeline, report or dashboard. They are all easy to create and anyone can create and share them.

View types (lists, boards, roadmap)

Roadmap allows visualizing Epics, Features or other work items.

Reports and Dashboards

Choose among many report templates or create one from scratch.

View customizations and Report customizations

Use drag and drop or double-click on an element to build the card the way you need.

Custom Fields and Workflows

Any entities can be grouped, colored and labelled by Custom Field values.

Metrics, Automation Rules, Notifications

Keep track of changes to Targetprocess entities by configuring and sending email notifications


Are some or all of your teams already using another team-level agile work management system such as Atlassian Jira, or Microsoft Azure DevOps? No worries! We connect, collect and synchronize data in real time with all major Agile and DevOps tools.

Integration with Azure DevOps

Targetprocess can be seamlessly integrated with Azure DevOps to solve the challenges of enterprise planning and tracking based on the SAFe framework.

Integration with Jira Software

While your development teams are using Jira Software to track their day-to-day work and manage code and releases, keep track of cross-team dependencies, Feature and Epic progress as well as steer the progress based on up-to-date portfolio metrics from within Targetprocess.

Integration with Miro

Embedding Miro boards into Apptio Targetprocess supports solutions like vision and strategy planning, business and portfolio canvases, cross-team and company retrospectives, product prototypes.

Centralize communication across the whole company on a single online whiteboard with Miro.


Request a demo and see how Apptio Targetprocess can help you accurately plan, track, and forecast investments for agile or hybrid delivery.

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