Apptio Vendor Insights

Optimize vendor spend. Drive greater efficiency.

Vendor Insight Hero

Apptio Vendor Insights provides a centralized, integrated view of spend across the technology vendor portfolio to ensure optimal alignment of external spend to the IT strategy.

Eliminate redundant contracts
Get a centralized view into your entire vendor portfolio.
Effectively manage committed spend
Track purchase order burndown, contract expiration, and renewal reports.
Prevent overruns & contract true-ups
Benefit from automatic notification of upcoming contract expirations and renewals.

A single source of truth for IT vendor spend

  • Surface redundancies and shift spend to more preferred vendors.
  • Strengthen vendor negotiations.
Vendor Insight Portfolio
Vendor Insight Purchase Orders

Integrate POs, contracts & accounts payable data

  • Identify spend outside of the purchase order process.
  • Discover opportunities to reallocate unused purchase orders.

One-stop shop for all contract-level information

  • Identify overlapping contracts for consolidation.
  • Proactively manage renewals and expirations.
Vendor Insight Contracts
Vendor Insight Invoicing

Efficient resource-unit based invoicing reconciliation

  • Reconcile resource-unit based invoices to actual utilization.
  • Renegotiate optimal ARC/RRC pricing.

“We were able to realize immediate benefits, reducing the workload of our supplier management team and making vendor spend and details more readily accessible, without needing to involve our finance or procurement teams. We’ve uncovered cost savings opportunities in a very short time.”

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