Driving Cross-Business Alignment and Actionable Insights for Amadeus

“We were facing difficulties mapping IT infrastructure to financial costs. We had been doing financial reporting for a couple of decades but we found that it was difficult to have the level of detail the organization was requiring about the IT costs. So, we did have something in Excel but it was complicated and never up-to-date…spreadsheets do not help you. There are too many things, too many moving parts in a cost model. You need a solution that is designed to do that and that is Apptio. We’re getting to a position now where we can start adding insights.”

Guillermo Cuadrado
Senior Technical Manager, Amadeus Data Processing GmbH

Guillermo Cuadrado, Senior Technical Manager at Amadeus Data Processing says that the €5 billion-a-year ($5.7bn) business is now able to calculate the IT cost attributable to each passenger or booking going through Amadeus, which means those metrics can be shown in the profit-and-loss statements for each business unit. That’s invaluable for measuring the success of each new initiative as Amadeus delivers more features that airlines, hotel groups, insurance companies and other customers can include in their digital offerings to travelers.

To read more about Amadeus’ experience with Apptio, read the full article on diginomica.com.

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