Infographic: The Effects of Poor Cloud Cost Management

Cloud cost management is a daily worry for 57% of enterprises. And with good reason. Poor cloud cost management can have a big impact.

The cloud is helping companies innovate better and faster than ever before. Engineers can spin up the resources they need when they need them — without having to wait for central procurement.

But decentralized procurement also makes it easy to have poor cloud cost management, and that can cause a lot of problems:

Waste & Sprawl of Unused Resources

Unused resources like compute instances left running, storage for obsolete data or unattached volumes can suck up your budget and bloat your infrastructure.

Sub-Optimal Service Levels

Nobody wants their application to run out of resources and crash or slow down, but that’s exactly what happens if you overspend and can’t purchase what you need.

Cloud Migration Slowed Down (or Halted)

Cloud cost management should start before you’re even on the cloud, otherwise migration costs can easily balloon over budget and grind the process to a halt.

Innovation Negatively Impacted

Your cloud is supposed to drive innovation, but poor cloud cost management limits your cloud resources, which, in turn, drags down how fast your team can innovate.

Runaway Costs

Cloud makes it easy to spin up new resources — which makes it easy to rack up huge bills. And with poor cloud cost control, there’s nothing to stop them.

It’s more common than you think! Check out our infographic to see how many businesses experience these problems:

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