New Targetprocess Features to Deploy SAFe 6.0 and Advance Your Budgeting Process

Apptio Targetprocess releases new features to accelerate SAFe 6.0 adoption and enable your project-to-product transition.

Navigating the complexities and challenges of Agile adoption, including keeping up with framework updates and best practices, can be costly. From aligning cross-functional teams and optimizing resource allocation to streamlining budgeting processes and driving value, there are numerous hurdles on the path to Agile success.

Apptio Targetprocess is leading the way in making enterprise Agile easy for its customers. We just launched new features and options that will help you accelerate SAFe 6.0 adoption, embrace Lean budgeting, and customize financials. With these updates, strategic portfolio managers and finance and product teams can increase business agility and deliver value quickly.

Accelerate SAFe 6.0 adoption

Targetprocess now allows users to deliver SAFe 6.0 through its Solution Library with a simple implementation process so you can avoid the costly administrative overhead associated with most enterprise Agile platforms. These enhancements reduce time-consuming processes and increase time to value, making Targetprocess the best solution for businesses to accelerate their Agile transformation.

New enhancements supporting SAFe 6.0 updates include:

  • Updated terminology to align with the latest SAFe 6.0 language and concepts
  • Solution, product, and component enablement solutions with versions to support product hierarchy
  • Solutions for SAFe OKRs (Objective & Key Results), SAFe Scrum, and SAFe team Kanban
  • Updated Lean business case (LBC) solution to incorporate and support OKRs
  • Solution for measure and grow (SAFe core competency assessment)
  • Tracking value stream KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Support of business-enabled ART and Agile executive team

Enable your project-to-product transition and enhance budgeting across your portfolio

We also made enhancements to Targetprocess’s Lean Budgeting and Portfolio Budgeting capabilities to allow portfolio managers and finance teams to better plan and manage budgets across portfolios while applying industry best practices. These new solutions will help you manage your investments across both value streams and traditional project mechanisms.

When finance teams shift from annual planning to continuous funding and transition from project-based funding to value streams, they need to increase their planning agility while optimizing costs. By enabling Lean budgeting capabilities like value-stream funding, guardrails, and horizon planning, Apptio Targetprocess bridges the gap between portfolio managers and financial teams and streamlines budgeting processes, allowing teams to achieve their budgeting objectives efficiently with the fastest time to value on the market. The enhanced portfolio budgeting solution also offers an extensive toolset and customization options to optimize allocation processes and enhance flexibility in calculating proposed budgets based on work allocations, headcount, and time records.

Targetprocess provides organizations with the ability to analyze, formulate, fund, and track budgets across diverse portfolios, value streams, products, and work types. Empower your finance teams with the flexibility of fine-tuning your budgeting processes according to your organization’s unique needs.

New budgeting capabilities include:

  • Flexible funding of work, people, or products
  • Tracking proposed budgets and actuals for any of the above
  • Funding of value streams within custom periods (planning intervals)
  • Templates for building epic hypothesis statements (EHS) and Lean business cases (LBC)
  • Setting Lean budget guardrails (LBG) either by horizon, capacity, or initiative

Learn more about Targetprocess at SAFe Summit this August

We’ll be at SAFe Summit in Nashville on August 15-18. Join our lunch-and-learn session, “Partnering with Finance in Your SAFe Adoption Journey: Utilizing Participatory Budgeting for Informed Decision Making,” led by Apptio Senior Solutions Consultant Mark Des Biens and Cprime Executive Coach and Trainer Ken France on August 17 from 12 p. m. to 1:15 p.m. to hear more about Targetprocess.

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