New Apptio Integration Between Cloudability & Agile Investment Management

As Agile Investment Management’s first year comes to a close, we are pleased to announce the first of several product integration capabilities. With this integration, Apptio customers can now bring cloud costs into Agile Investment Management to see cloud and labor costs side-by-side to inform important financial decisions.

When navigating to the product pages in Agile Investment Management, users are provided key performance indicators (KPIs) and granular groupings of cloud and labor costs across time. Users can leverage the flexible release train structure in Agile Investment Management to link their organizational structure through Cloudability’s Business Mappings capability. Until now, customers have had to switch between Cloudability and Agile Investment Management to calibrate cost information and have accurate financial context to make data-driven decisions at the portfolio and product level. With this enhancement, Apptio customers can understand their complete cost structure when making portfolio investment decisions. This results in less time spent reconciling costs across the portfolio and provides visibility into the key drivers of product TCO.

screenshot of cloud and labor costs side-by-side

View the Summary page to see cloud costs and labor costs side-by-side at the portfolio level.

Once the release trains have been published to Cloudability, customers can create custom statements to map their cloud spend to release trains, allowing portfolio and product managers the ability to gain visibility into their true product costs.  By selecting a product or release train-based report, users have the ability to dig deeper into their costs. While customers still do their detailed cloud cost analysis and optimization in Cloudability, they no longer need to switch between applications and manually relay cloud spend to their development teams to understand their complete cost structure when making product or portfolio decisions.

Screenshot of details at the product level, and by release train.

View details at the product level, and by release train.

By simply selecting the cloud cost you wish to view, you can quickly navigate to Cloudability to further understand your cloud cost and create custom reports.

screenshot cloudability-planability-agile

As we move into 2021, we plan to continue to invest in both non-labor product costing and integration with other products in the Apptio suite to empower our users with the data they need to effectively manage their agile development teams.

Learn more about Agile Investment Management, or contact your Apptio account representative.

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