Apptio Cloudability Named a Leader in GigaOm’s Radar for FinOps

Cloudability is the leading independent FinOps tool that helps practitioners optimize spend, maximize ROI and turn cloud into a competitive advantage.

Organizations are turning to FinOps principles to drive cloud financial accountability, improve overall cost efficiencies, and achieve key business objectives. However, merger and acquisition (M&A) activity has the FinOps solution market in flux. When solutions are integrated into larger, more dispersed portfolios, FinOps practitioners wonder if their new partners will lose focus on innovation and leave their product stagnating. Since 2007, Apptio has had an unwavering focus on helping organizations maximize the value of all their IT investments, including cloud. We set the bar for FinOps tooling innovation. Our customers know this, and we are pleased to report that the analyst community also agrees.

Apptio Cloudability has been named a leader in the GigaOm Radar for FinOps.

In response to the rise of the FinOps discipline and demand for high-performing, innovative tooling that enables practitioners to drive efficient cloud programs, GigaOm earlier released “Key Criteria for Evaluating Financial Operations (FinOps) Tools,” identifying key criteria and evaluation metrics for buyers to consider when selecting a FinOps platform. Last month, GigaOm followed that report with this companion Radar, recognizing vendors and products that excel in their FinOps offerings to help buyers inform their purchase decisions.

Compared to other offerings, Apptio Cloudability was noted as a Leader and Outperformer, with innovative individual features and broad platform value. “A long history in this market and already mature feature set has enabled Apptio to focus on adding emerging technologies to the platform,” said the report. “This will allow it to extend its lead while others are just attempting to match Apptio’s position today.”

gigaOm fionops e1658727083653 - Apptio Cloudability Named a Leader in GigaOm’s Radar for FinOps - Apptio
Source: GigaOm Radar for Evaluating Financial Operations (FinOps) Tools, 2022

The Cloudability team sets the pace for leading-edge innovation within the FinOps market, proudly releasing over 40 high-impact features in 2021 and over 20 in 2022. While recognized by GigaOm for supporting the broadest range of cloud vendors and providing extensive support for Kubernetes and other cloud-based services, our innovations provide our customers with breadth and depth of cloud cost management and optimization capabilities unmatched by competitors, like GCP rightsizing, AWS EC2 ASG and GPU rightsizing, fully integrated container management — to name just a few.

Apptio Cloudability is the leading independent FinOps tool, continuously releasing leading-edge innovations to market to help practitioners solve their most complex problems — enabling them to optimize spend, maximize ROI, and turn cloud into a competitive advantage.

This announcement comes on the heels of being named a leader in the 2021 ISG Provider Lens™ Public Cloud — Services & Solutions (Multicloud FinOps Platforms) global report late last year. Looking ahead, our team is working to drive more value and leading-edge innovations to market — and keep this momentum moving forward!

If you think your FinOps tool should be driving more value for your team — and your cloud program — try out Cloudability free today.

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