Talking Talent in FinOps Part 1

Nathan Besh and Ashley Hromatko discuss the growing need for talent in FinOps.

Though more organizations are keen to adopt FinOps practices to bring visibility, accountability, and to curb their cloud spend, one question remains unanswered: how to fulfill your talent requirements of FinOps? In the 10th episode of FinOps Fridays, Ashley Hromatko, Director of Operations & Chief of Staff at @FinOps Foundation, joins Nathan Besh, Sr. Director, Product Management and Technical Evangelism at Apptio, to discuss:

  • Evolution of roles in FinOps
  • Specialties needed for FinOps
  • Strategies to fulfill FinOps requirements

And more.

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FinOps Fridays
FinOps Fridays
Talking Talent in FinOps Part 1



Nathan Besh

Technical Evangelist

Ashley Hromatko

Director of Business Development & Chief of Staff
FinOps Foundation