Gamification – Putting the Fun in FunOps Part 1

Nathan Besh and Alee Whitman discuss the what, the why, and the how of gamification of your FinOps practice

In this episode of FinOps Fridays we will learn about gamification and what it is. Is it an approach or method to solving a problem? And what are the outcomes of implementing gamification? Having fun? Education? Can it make a potentially arduous task enjoyable?

Nathan and Alee will discuss who needs a seat at the table as well as which roles may not fit into gamification. Finally, they will begin to go into detail about how to use gamification with FinOps.

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FinOps Fridays
FinOps Fridays
Gamification – Putting the Fun in FunOps Part 1



Nathan Besh

Technical Evangelist

Alee Whitman

Former Sr Commercial Architect