FinOps and Sustainability – Part 1

We kick off an exciting conversation about the dynamic partnership between FinOps and Sustainability, focusing on what this means in the realm of IT. 

Sustainability, in general, is a lot about renewable resources, green power, and recycling, but what about sustainability in IT? How is it different?

Bindu Sharma, Senior FinOps Manager, Guidewire Software, joins Nathan Besh, Sr. Director, Product Management and Technical Evangelism, Apptio, in this FinOps Fridays episode to explore sustainability in IT and more:

  • Why FinOps and sustainability go hand-in-hand
  • What are the best practices, common pitfalls, and expected outcomes
  • How can an organization get started with IT sustainability
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FinOps Fridays
FinOps Fridays
FinOps and Sustainability - Part 1



Nathan Besh

Technical Evangelist

Bindu Sharma

Senior FinOps Manager
Guidewire Software