Contextual Collaboration and FinOps

Are you getting the full picture in your FinOps conversations?

Join Hunter and special guest Swapna Samuel, from BMO Bank, as they delve into the art of ‘Contextual Collaboration and FinOps.’ Swapna brings over two decades of wisdom as a solution architect and cloud practice consultant and is now leading the FinOps practice at BMO Bank. On this episode of FinOps Fridays, they’ll dissect the critical role of context and precision in communication within FinOps, covering everything from taxonomies to consumer chargebacks.  

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FinOps Fridays
FinOps Fridays
Contextual Collaboration and FinOps



Hunter Willis

Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Apptio, an IBM Company

Swapna Samuel

Head of Central Cloud FinOps
BMO Bank