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Understand and optimize the total cost of cloud & hybrid

Apptio Cloud

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Predictable Cloud Spend. Right-sized Resources.

Create visibility & control

Visualize cost and consumption across multiple providers in a single pane of glass.


Optimize resources & decisions

Take action on rule-based and machine learning-driven optimization recommendations across compute, storage, and data.


Drive accountability

Collaborate with cloud consumers to lower costs and increase speed through tagging, governance, and showback/chargeback.


“Apptio empowers application owners to make better cloud decisions by providing ownership of controlling costs. The conversation has changed from ‘why is IT so expensive,’ to ‘how do I help control expenses,’ and ‘what lever can I pull?’ Application owners now have that lever with Apptio cloud reporting. We’ve seen fewer errors and spend less time costing and optimizing cloud.”

Machine Learning

Unify cloud costs & usage across multiple providers

Eliminate confusion from overwhelming cloud bills

  • Automate ingestion and aggregation of AWS, Azure, and GCP detailed billing into single costing system.
  • Auto-map multi-cloud billing to a standard classification of IT services (e.g. compute, storage, network, etc).
  • Track public cloud spend by application and across development, test, and production environments.

Machine Learning-Driven Optimization

Slash waste from underutilized or idle instances

  • Take action on optimization recommendations from dozens of rule-based and machine-learning driven algorithms.
  • Detect and resolve provisioning anomalies in real-time.
  • Maximize reserved instance inventory and get purchase recommendations.

Stay on top of costs and usage every day

Avoid surprises that lead to cloud budget overruns

  • Monitor cloud cost and detect anomalies with real-time analysis and forecasting.
  • Quantify accurate total cloud spend by incorporating costs of labor, security, and more.
  • Track AWS, Azure, and GCP Reserved Instance (RI) inventory, spend, and expirations.

Drive shared accountability with business units

Prevent the business from consuming cloud like it's free

  • Allocate cloud costs to the applications and business units that consume them.
  • Shape demand by providing internal consumers with direct visibility to their cloud costs.
  • Empower app owners with timely insight so they can stay on budget.

Apply tagging governance to maintain organization

Escape the chaos of untrackable cloud resources

  • Standardize on a best-practice tagging strategy to understand cloud resource business context.
  • Parse tags to understand the applications and business units that drive usage.
  • Improve tagging hygiene by tracking cloud resource tagging completeness and validity.

Take the first step toward managing costs across all IT

Stop looking at AWS, Azure, GCP, and on-prem in silos

  • Align to a standard cost model that works with both cloud and legacy on-premises.
  • Use apples-to-apples comparisons that speed migration and optimization decisions.

Apptio is an AWS Cloud Management Tool Competency Partner

AWS customers can maximize their cloud investments with Apptio

Mapping cloud costs to a standard IT cost model

The Apptio TBM Unified Model® (ATUM®) maps AWS and Azure services to a standard taxonomy so IT leaders can manage their technology business.



The essential guide to building a Cloud Center of Excellence

Download this guide to provide your CCoE with a clear understanding of the cost, utilization, and capacity of your entire cloud portfolio across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, and on-premises investments.


 Customer story: DataXu saved 40% on their cloud spend

Learn how one of INC’s fastest growing companies saved 40%, nearly $200k per month in cloud costs with Apptio’s machine learning capabilities.