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Notre mission est de permettre à nos clients de réussir brillamment, et chaque fois que nous y parvenons, ils ne peuvent s'empêcher de témoigner. Découvrez comment les organisations les plus stratégiques du monde transforment leur modèle d'exploitation informatique grâce à Apptio.

“Lorsque nous avons vu le logiciel, nous nous sommes rendu compte qu'il était non seulement assez simple pour notre équipe de financement informatique, mais aussi assez simple pour les propriétaires de budget avec qui nous travaillons tous les jours.”

Les clients d'Apptio représentent plus de 433 milliards de dollars de dépenses technologiques dans le monde. Grâce à l'acquisition et à la modélisation automatisées des données, aux analyses et aux rapports en libre-service d'Apptio, les responsables informatiques et leurs équipes prennent plus rapidement des décisions basées sur les données, ce qui permet d'obtenir ces résultats concrets.

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Recouvrement des coûts informatiques

Barilla s’est appuyé sur Apptio pour augmenter la visibilité et la sensibilisation relatives aux coûts informatiques au sein de l’organisation, pour garder les coûts récurrents sous contrôle, et pour faciliter l’analyse du TCO et l’analyse comparative.

Optimize IT cost management process, actual vs budget analytics, TCO management and optimization

Agero Successfully Adopts the Cloud — and Apptio Cloudability — To Help Transform the Driving Experience

With TBM, Allstate IT finance Changes Mindset to Become a Stronger Business Partner

Driving Cross-Business Alignment and Actionable Insights for Amadeus

AOE is a leading global technology service provider and consultancy company.

Apptio helps Asurion improve transparency of hybrid costs, manage budget overruns and predict costs to support their cloud-first initiative

Atlassian uses Apptio to apply automation and rigor to IT planning and cost management processes, helping them manage growth and track improvements in IT efficiency

With Apptio, the IT Finance team automated their financial management and month-end processes, eliminated spreadsheets, and improved communications with their business units.

Bank of America is an American multinational investment bank and financial services company based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

ApptioOne's adoption to implement application portfolio management (APM) helped the Bank of Ireland improve its cost and efficiency management, portfolio investment strategy, ability to create transformation roadmaps, and sourcing and technology strategy.

Belfius, a Belgium banking and insurance company, harnessed the power of Apptio Targetprocess for their agile transformation.

How Berkley Technology Services is bringing clarity to IT costs

Bitmovin Optimizes Multi-Cloud Spending and Usage with Apptio Cloudability

Blue Shield of California Uses TBM to Focus on Strategy, Not Costs

BNY Mellon weaved TBM into the fabric of their organization to gain technology investment transparency, transform data into meaningful TCO reports, and eliminate flat cost allocations with accurate financial tracking.

Learn How Caesars Improved IT Budget Variance and Predictability

Demystifying IT Elevates Cargill Team to a Leadership Role

CDW Corporation is a provider of technology products and services for business, government and education.

Chevron chose Apptio Targetprocess due to its robust capabilities in program and portfolio management practices to support their SAFe implementation.

Children’s Health’s used Apptio to track their technology spend, understand how every dollar invested is providing value, and better chargeback to ensure they make the most out of their funds to provide the best care for the children.

How CHRISTUS Health transformed IT Planning

Chubu Electric Power has adopted Apptio as its IT cost management platform

Cimpress Gained Critical Cloud Spending Visibility and Improved Accountability by Adopting Apptio

For CoBank, TBM led to cutting the budget process from 16 to 4 weeks and greater accuracy for cost center owners.

Unlocking the Business Value of IT Transformation with Coles and Cloudability

Comensura customizes Apptio Targetprocess to fit within the processes and workflows of their team.

Cox Enterprises is a group of privately-held companies that have all independently chosen to adopt TBM

Deutsche Bank Improves View of IT Cost and Consumption

DST Systems is a provider of advisory, technology and operations outsourcing to the financial and healthcare industries.

Apptio and TBM implementation helped E.ON better their IT cost transparency; enhance communication with business stakeholders; and improve IT cost collection, allocation, and chargeback.

EDF Energy’s TBM adoption helped improve the detail and accuracy of long-range IT spend forecasting; reduce financial month-end cycle time; and achieve transparent, timely, and accurate IT recharge billing.

Visualize IT cost and return on investment, and realize their DX strategy

Epay is a leading processor of financial transactions and prepaid content.

Exelon Delivers Run-rate Savings via IT Optimization

Apptio Targetprocess implementation enabled FactSet to gain visibility into its processes, align priorities with business outcomes, simplify reporting for better decision-making, and eliminate duplication of work.

Learn How Fannie Mae Uses Bill of IT to Communicate Service Costs

FedEx is Modernising IT to Maximise Value, Agility and Growth

By adopting Cloudability, a financial services company could see a clear picture of their cloud costs to provide actionable insights to their engineers and accelerate business outcomes faster decisions regarding deployment and scaling of services.

Apptio products helped a multinational financial services company save millions by providing visibility into its technology spend to make better decisions, standardizing its approach to TCO calculations, and assisting the team by planning their work against targets and tracking their progress.

TBM Allowed First American to Go From Cost Containment to Meaningful Optimization of IT Spend

Doing the Right Thing: How First Citizens Bank Increased IT Planning Accuracy and Agility

Flutter’s Targetprocess implementation enabled its leaders to track the amount of effort teams are putting in, gauge effort with complexity, and improve delivery team productivity while bringing teams together for a common purpose and shared priorities.

A Fortune 100 Life Insurer Reduces IT Planning Cycle Time by 80% with ApptioOne and Apptio Targetprocess

Learn how Freddie Mac IT used data to change the dynamic with the business.

Governmental Agency Uses TBM to Accelerate Business Agility

Governmental Command Adopts TBM to Promote Organizational and Cultural Change

The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America is one of the largest mutual life insurance companies in the United States.

H2O has planned to expand their IT investment in this three year plan, and will use Apptio & TBM to build their new IT cost management and optimization system.

Granular IT transparency for better cost control, more control options and higher added value at logistics company Hermes

Ibotta Gains Deeper Visibility into Spending and Grows Business Using Apptio Cloudability in AWS Marketplace

With Apptio TBM Framework, a leading industrial company changed IT to digital technology, recognizing the investment, actual return, and strategic optimization potential and gained new capabilities such as Advanced Analytics, Intelligent Automation/Robotic Process Automation, and Digital Manufacturing.

Isetan Mitsukoshi started to use apptio to improve actual vs. budget gap, visualization of IT cost and strong partnership with business team to proceed their DX strategy.

Find Out How Koch Business Solutions Drives FinOps Practice to the Enterprise

Leading Insurance & Financial Services Provider Drives Enterprise-Wide Accountability in the Cloud

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Lowe’s TBM adoption helped transition from a hierarchal operating model to Agile, cultivate operational excellence, and produce a product TCO report focused on delivering business value – ultimately enabling them to move from project- to product-based funding.

How Maritz IT Cut Costs and Delivered Competitive IT Services

Apptio implementation helped MCHS’ IT leaders evaluate technology spend, coordinate plans, and streamline M&A to achieve nearly a billion dollars in annual revenue.

Life insurance and protection products, retirement and investment services to help you meet your financial goals.

How MetLife is Managing Cloud Costs and Driving Accountability

How Micron Eliminated Budget Variance and Changed IT Culture

Mizuho Bank is a leading global bank, with one of the largest customer bases in Japan, and a global network of financial and business centers.

National Grid implemented TBM principles and ApptioOne to develop a truly consumption-driven allocation model, rationalize their application portfolio, optimize network and cloud costs, and ultimately achieved annual savings of $47 million in their first year of implementation.

By implementing Apptio Cloudability, The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) was able to track every dollar of its cloud spend, understand the value its cloud spend delivers, and maximize savings with the help of recommendations.

Apptio made it easy for Nationwide's supplier management, IT finance and procurement teams to identify cost saving opportunities

Newport News Shipbuilding Drives Digital Transformation

Bringing inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world

North Memorial Health provides primary care, urgent care, specialty care and emergency services to the Twin Cities metro area. Award-winning, innovative care for all conditions.

Northwell Health Became a Strategic Partner to Business by Establishing a Single Source of Truth for IT Spend

OLX Group uses Apptio Cloudability to achieve cloud cost transparency, improve communication and accountability, and better manage cloud spend.

Progrexion implemented Apptio Targetprocess to improve the visibility of DevOps activities, manage CapEx and OpEx spend better, and get work done efficiently — and ultimately expedited their Agile journey.

Targetprocess implementation helped Proximus Group gain end-to-end visibility of their DevOps teams’ processes to understand how they contribute to strategic priorities, improve collaboration, and scale Agle.

German insurance company R+V Versicherung creates detailed IT value analysis with TBM

Red Hat's Open Hybrid Cloud Strategy Got a Speed Boost After Implementing TBM

Red Ventures used Apptio Cost Transparency and Cloudability to promote better visibility, cost transparency, and financial accountability of their multi-cloud spending to improve decision-making and drive IT value.

Reliance Steel and Aluminum Co., is the largest metals service center operator in North America.

How TBM Drives Business Strategy at The Royal Bank of Scotland

Digitizing and optimizing the entire IT value chain with Apptio

Cloudability adoption enabled Securian Financial to see where their cloud budget is spent and how that’s generating value to understand the true cost of ownership and optimize operating expenses.

Seiko Epson started to use Apptio to manage IT cost and finance date for innovation company strategy

ApptioOne enabled Sheetz to gain IT cost transparency, reduce data entry errors, and increase forecasting accuracy.

With Apptio, Shiseido IT Strategy drives business growth faster

Technically differentiated connectors, cable assemblies, subsystems, microwave, and FR products

Stanley Black and Decker TBM implementation led to an 85% faster turnaround time in delivering initial estimates of total IT costs, a 60% reduction in transaction-related costs, and precision in estimates of complex IT ecosystems.

Learn How The State of Washington Is Legislating Technology Business Management

Steelcase is a United States-based furniture company founded in 1912 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Apptio implementation provided The University of Texas at Arlington with IT cost transparency and helped snowball visibility into simplified budgeting, forecasting, and ad-hoc reporting.

How Tokio Marine is Underwriting Future Growth and Wringing Value from Every Dollar IT Spends

Transport for NSW’s ApptioOne implementation enabled them to consolidate TBM data, reports, and models of separate agencies following a merger; drive automation; and increase the efficiencies of show-back and recharge processes.

Can you prove that your cloud strategy has really delivered the desired business benefits? Travel group TUI took a fundamental look at this question while combining its "Agile Cloud Journey" with FinOps. The result: the business value of their cloud investment is clear down to the application level and continues to be optimized.

UBS’s TBM and FinOps implementation enabled them to allocate direct and shared cloud services, scale cloud initiatives across the organization effectively, and understand cloud cost to determine possible savings with lower-cost data storage locations.

Unilever Drives Transparency, Accountability, and Saves Millions in Just 15 Months

The United States Secret Service’s (USSS) TBM implementation helped improve IT functionality, reporting accuracy, and efficiency; increase FITARA scores by 100%; and take Department of Homeland Security compliance from “D-” to “B”.

U.S. Steel is an integrated steel producer headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

U.S. consumer goods company uses IT Benchmarking to balance service capacity and capability against costs and agility

U.S.-based healthcare provider uses IT Benchmarking to find cost efficiencies in IT delivery

Wargaming is one of the leaders in the free-to-play massively multiplayer online market and utilizes Apptio Targetprocess to implement automation rules for their development teams.

Multi-cloud cost management to accelerate AI development for automated driving.

TBM provides the lens to enable real-time decisions during the year and provides a fact-based baseline to accelerate work at Xerox